SFU + HKBU Collaboration
Research Incubation Workshop

November 4, 2016
Room 2200, Harbour Centre

November 5, 2016
Room 1510, Harbour Centre

SFU Vancouver, 515 West Hastings  


This workshop brought together HKBU and SFU scholars with research interests in human rights, feminist and queer media activism, cultural and creative city policy, art and social innovation, as well as sovereignty studies, anti-colonial struggles, and indigeneity in transpacific contexts. During the workshop, researchers from the two institutions explored common research themes, potential synergies, and future collaborative research clusters.  

Participating Scholars

John Erni, Humanities and Creative Writing
Stuart Christie, English
Christopher Patterson, Humanities & Creative Writing
Tan Jia, Academy of Film
Louis Ho, Humanities & Creative Writing
Ruth Hung, Comparative Literature & English
Kingsley Ng, Academy of Visual Arts

Davina Bhandar, Communication
David Chariandy, English
Michael Hathaway, Anthropology
Adel Iskander, Communication
Christine Kim, English
Helen Leung, Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies
Kirsten McAllister, Communication
Sophie McCall, English
Jin-me Yoon, Contemporary Arts

Phanuel Antwi, English

Event Photos

This event is generously funded by:
Office of the Dean of Arts, HKBU
Office of the VP-Academic, SFU
Office of the VP-Research, SFU

Organizing Committee: John Erni, Christine Kim, Helen Leung