Student Testimonials

I learned the most in my math class with Jordan, math was definitely one of my favorites. I learned how to solve two Step Equations, multiplying polynomials and simplifying radical expressions. I really enjoyed math it isn’t the same at my school, in my school there is so many people and I feel shy and sometimes uncomfortable but here I feel comfortable to ask questions and be myself.

In English I actually learned more about myself, I loved the videos especially 8th fire I felt like I could relate to the things, like not living on a reserve anymore, having family on the reserve and how poor the conditions are, and especially the girl who wanted to be a gardener and had a brother on east Hastings while she lived in her own home. I liked Winnipegs most, they were pretty cool.

Coming to SFU definitely gave me more opportunities and opened my options. My goal is to become either a dentist or veterinarian, and being in Math 100% helped me out and I am gonna keep going further in math I started where I am, I'm using what I have here, when you give it all you got, the people and opportunities you need will be drawn to you. I'm not gonna stop or give up, the beginning is always the hardest, even if its hard work, it will pay off, coming here changed the way I think and the way I look at things, I will challenge myself everyday to do and be better. I feel more confident too! I realized it's not my business what people say or think of me, I am what I am and I do what I do.

- Ms. Brandy Newman, a camp participant from Centennial Secondary


"My IDS Portfolio" - Prezi presentation

- Ms. Nerys Kirkwood, a camp participant from Burnaby Mountain Secondary


My summer at SFU was one of my best summers. It felt cool attending a University. At first I felt so out of place like an 8th Grader going into high school for the first time. After about day four it felt like I attended SFU, like a Freshman studying sciences I can’t pronounce. I would very much like to attend this program again if I could but sadly I can’t because next year I’ll be finished high school, no more productive summers. SFU is such a welcoming environment, everyone has a mutual respect for each other and a kind positive attitude toward others and the program. I have made many friends (text me guys) and I thank the program for bring us kids together. I would recommend the program and have encouraged a Metis friend to join next summer.

I enjoyed myself in English starting almost right away with Tim Burton and Edgar Allen Poe, my favourite writers and it was a bonus talking about my favourite character of all time The Joker. ☺ I enjoyed the curriculum, nothing too challenging to handle. The best parts for me was the short story, discovering what story “actually” means to us and discovering ourselves, something I think more teachers in high school should be doing. Just a small exercise has made me more aware of my talents and weirdness. I’d like to thank Carley for the time she has spent with us and teaching us with a quirky personality and treating students as different people instead of tossing work sheets at us like I expected.

Math is something I have always struggled with all through school. I really wanted to get help in math because it’s affecting my attitude toward my education through frustration and not caring because my results always seem to be the same. I have Dyslexia taking me longer understand. I have learned so much because of it being self paced and if I have a question I have a lot of support available. If I don’t understand, Jordan will have several ways to teach it just so I can learn. I am so grateful that I got to be a part of this and have a different attitude toward math.

Janelle's story: This presentation spoke to me the most about aboriginal issues. She was very brave to share in front of a group of strangers and I really respected her. From her rough childhood she smoothed the edges of her life and challenged herself and reached her goals. She takes an interest in mental heath and shared with us the science of depression. I also take interest in mental health making me very engaged and got to share that with her. I wish her the best and she taught me to not give up on my self.

- Mr. Kristian Barett, a camp participant from Garibaldi Secondary
- Ms. Diana Charlie Iraheta, a camp participant from Burnaby Central


- Mr. Paagyanti Lifanica, a camp participant from Princes Margaret Secondary


SFU Academic Summer Camp for Aboriginal Students (2015!) - PowerPoint presentation

Thanks for everything this month.

- Ms. Bethani L'Heureux, a camp participant from Alpha Secondary


- Ms. Janet Bear, a camp participant from Killarney Secondary


"My Summer at SFU" - Prezi presentation

Again, I want to say thank you Dr. J for letting me participate and enjoy this camp as much as I did, and I hope it continues to go on for as long as it can so everyone can enjoy and create memories like the people at this camp did.

I would also like to thank Sheryl for being our camp coordinator. It might not be easy all the time, but I can tell she had an amazing time with our group and had lots of fun. I also would like to thank Sheryl for making us all breakfasts in the morning, since I always wake up late I never have anytime my self, it was really helpful. I would also just like to thank her for just being an amazing person in general, and we all really noticed how much effort she put into this, and I hope she will continue to do this camp as long as possible and make kids like us, have as much fun and create as much memories as we all did. Thank you.

- Mr. Stephen Ouellette, a camp participant from North Surrey Secondary


- Going to the camp was fun but sometimes in the morning I was pretty tired and just read manga on my tablet.

- When we had to put away our math packages and work on some math puzzle or when we would go to lunch I would feel sad because I wanted to do some more because I was just getting into the groove.

- The summer camp went by so fast I wish it lasted longer and wish I could maybe get to know some people better.

- I would love to come back to this summer camp because we get to do fun activates, meet people and see some of the things they do and the opportunities me have and it gives me something fun to do instead of playing video games

- I would definitely recommend this camp because you get to do so many different things that can help you find what you want to do and you get to meet people who might inspire you or might make you feel happy about math.

- Mr. Caleb Simpson, a camp participant from Centennial Secondary


- Mr. Hunter Tabobandung, a camp participant from DMS