Open Positions

We are always looking for new undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral researchers.

Graduate Student Opportunities

PhD Student Position

Field of research: smart textiles, artificial muscles and soft exoskeletons with applications in the fields of  rehabilitation, augmented reality and sport performance.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities

1. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Human-Robot Interaction

Candidates should have a background in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, or computer science.

The candidates should have expertise in Human Robot Interaction, signal processing, machine learning, and real-time software applications. Note that this is a highly interdisciplinary project where tangible results should be obtained. Candidates should be interested in working with a team doing hands-on activities.

2. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroscience or Biomedical Engineering

The candidates should have a PhD in Neuroscience or Biomedical Engineering or equivalent and a strong publication track record.

3. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Wearable Technology for Locomotion

The candidates should have expertise in at least two of the following: Engineering or Computer Science, Machine Learning and Biosignal Processing, Motion Tracking Technology.

Job Opportunities

Engineer/Computer Scientist

We are looking for an engineer/computer scientist to develop a motion tracking system based on accelerometers or inertial measurement units (IMU) for wearable technologies to support the development of health and wellness wearables. With great interest in the development of ‘smart’ technologies for everyday use, there is a potential for the developed technology to be spun-out into a start-up company to facilitate commercialization of the work in the future.