Located in beautiful Metro Vancouver, Menrva is an international and multicultural research group at Simon Fraser University led by Carlo Menon, Professor, Tier 1 Canadian Research Chair, CIHR Scholar and MSFHR Scholar.

Research Interests

  • Biomedical Wearable Technology
  • BioRobotics (soft robotics, exoskeletons, human-machine interfaces)
  • Smart Materials (artificial muscles, polymer-based micro/nano sensors)

Research Output

  • ~30 papers/year (half in journals)
  • ~2 patents/year (1 issued/year)
  • > 10 supervised students now have leading roles in industry (e.g. CTO)
  • > 5 supervised students are now Professors/Lecturers in academia
  • > 200 News releases
  • Multiple start-up companies


Samples of awards the Principal Investigator received:

  • Tier 1 Canada Research Chair
  • MSFHR Career Investigator Award recipient
  • CIHR New Investigator Award Recipient
  • Awarded >80 competitive grants

Bits of History

Menrva was the goddess of wisdom and arts in the Etruscan civilization (civilization of ancient Italy, 1200BC-550BC). She was the Etruscan counterpart to Greek Athena and to Roman Minerva. Many Etruscan beliefs, customs and divinities became part of Roman culture, including the Roman Pantheon. (Wikipedia)

Simon Fraser University

SFU ranks 1st among the comprehensive universities in Canada according to Macleans (5th in Canada according to the 4 International Colleges & Universities) and 76th in North America (128th worldwide) according to Ranking Web of World Universities.


MENRVA is affiliated with the 4D LABS, the Institute for Micromachine and Microfabrication Research, is part of the SFU Robotics Group and is based in the School of Engineering Science at SFU. MENRVA also created the M.A.S.S. team, to compete in the Cybathlon competition.