2013/09/10 Brian write an article about the lab:


2011/11/01 Jeff Krahn's publication on climbing mentioned in local and international news:


2009/04/09  Design Engineering highlights our work:


2009/03 BMI - USA Today article:


2009/02/16 Our paper is mentioned on "Ask Nature"


2008/11/07 Biomimicry Resources mention our lab!


2008/11/06 MIT Technology Review mention our work!


2008/10/19 IEEE BioRob 2008 Conference

Our robot is on display! See  


2008/10/12    Meeting of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Bionic Engineering and International Conference on Bionic Engineering, Jilin University, Changchun, China

2007/09/25    Launch  of YES2 Space Mission - our Barberpole is in space!  

2007/04/20    Invited speaker - ICRA Workshop on Biomimetic Robotics

Invited speakers - from the left: Robert Full, Barry Trimmer, Roy Ritzmann, Auke Ijspeert, Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Cecilia Laschi, Barbara Mazzolai, Paolo Dario, Naomi Kato, Joseph Ayers and Mark Cutkosky, Roger Quinn,   Metin Sitti, and Carlo Menon


2006/10/06     Napolitano Award


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