The research vision of the NeuroSpine Lab is to revolutionize the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neurospine injuries and diseases by focusing on individual patients and developing patient specific tools and technologies. Future healthcare solutions need to be both effective and cost conscious. Our research combines fundamental knowledge development with innovative and practical solutions to assist clinicians in treating individual patients more effectively and more efficiently. Coupling patient specific demographics, injury thresholds and computational methods will allow us to define individual injury risk, assess causes of injury and develop individualized injury prevention strategies.

At the NeuroSpine Lab we aim to establish a new model of embedded research within the clinic and across the medical device and safety industries to seamlessly integrate the entire research process from identifying needs to translating knowledge directly to patients, clinicians, field engineers and policy makers. In accomplishing our research goals, the NeuroSpine Lab will train a new generation of hybrid engineers who are equally versed in medicine and technology who can integrate complex medical and engineering research into innovative technologies and devices to improve the care of individual patients in a cost efficient way.