ElectroForce LM1 TestBench by BOSE is our dual axis small scale mechanical testing system rated up to 200 N that can perform precision material tests including tension/compression, multi-axis loading, fatigue and dynamic material characterization. It provides superior flexibility and precision testing for biomaterials, tissues, foods, elastomers and other engineered materials. We have been using ElectroForce test bed for characterizations and manufacturing optimizations of SUI pessaries, as well as designing and testing surrogate spinal cord models for human, primates and rodents.

Oqus/QTM Motion Capture System by Qualisys is our flexible marker based high speed camera system that we use for a wide range of applications such as gait analysis, sensor calibrations, and dynamical characterizations of systems/objects with complicated shapes, e.g. vertebra, assist devices and different protective equipment. 

ElectroPuls E10000 by Instron is a state-of-the-art, all-electric test instrument designed for dynamic and static compression/tension and torsion testing on a wide range of materials and components. Our testing system has the capability of high dynamic performance up to 100 Hz and up to ±10 kN dynamic load capacity and ±7 kN long term static capacity. We are using this system for characterization of different fall arrest PEAs and to emulate mechanical insults to study injury mechanism to the spine and the vertebral column.