Mimics is a software for medical image processing procedures such as the segmentation of 3D medical images (coming from CT, MRI, Ultrasound, etc.) and the results are highly accurate 3D models of the patient’s anatomy. These patient-specific models can be used in a variety of engineering applications directly in Mimics or exported to statistical packages, CAD modeling software, rapid prototyping or finite element modeling packages.


MADYMO (Mathematical Dynamic Model), is the worldwide standard software for analyzing and optimizing occupant safety designs in automotive and aerospace industries. MADYMO has the unique capability of combining multi-body dynamics with CFD and FEM. MADYMO has complete database of scalable crash dummies as well as human models that are rigorously validated. MADYMO can be integrated into the MATLAB and Simulink models.

At the NeuroSpine Laboratory, we have been using MADYMO for different scenario based individualized safety applications; e.g. analysis of the effects of user stature on the injury outcomes in fall arrest systems and the effect of driving conditions and vehicle shape on the outcomes of the accidents with pedestrians.

Altair HyperMorph

Generating individualized models from patient medical images used to be a difficult and time consuming process. HyperMorph provides a means to morph an optimized generic finite element model to specific geometry. Originally developed for automotive and aerospace applications, we are using HyperMorph to more efficiently generate libraries of patient models. 


Computational models of injury provide another method to study and understand the mechanics of the injury process and to identify opportunities to prevent or manage injuries. The Abaqus suite of finite element software provides the most comprehensive material library available, allowing for accurate representation of complex biological materials. Coupling Abaqus with Mimics and HyperMorph provides a simple workflow for generating individualized finite element models of patients or devices.