The research team has a lead Principle Investigator (PI), node co-leaders and affiliated investigators.

Executive Committee Members

● Dr. Carolyn Sparrey (Lead-PI and Rapid Tech co-lead)
● Dr. Stephen Robinovitch (Rapid Tech co-lead)
● Dr. Siamak Arzanpour (HTIF co-lead)
● Dr. Ed Park (HTIF co-lead)
● Dr. Ryan D’Arcy (Neuro Tech co-lead)
● Dr. Carlo Menon (Neuro Tech co-lead)
● Dr. Uwe Glasser (STAR/AWIH co-lead)
● Dr. Andrew Sixsmith (STAR/AWIH co-lead)
● Dr. Teresa Cheung (Image Tech co-lead)
● Dr. Martin Ester (DHH co-lead) 
● Dr. Sylvain Moreno (DHH co-lead)


● Dr. Faisal Beg 
● Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh
● Dr. Sarah Lubik 
● Dr. Dawn Mackey

Administrative Team

● Mei Lan Fang
● Killian Kleffner
● Juliet Neun-Hornick