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Simon Fraser University Policies and Procedures

The Vice-President, Legal Affairs has overall responsibility for university policies; contact the office at 778.782.3924 for more information.

This Web site contains a collection of all policies currently in effect at Simon Fraser University.

Policies are ordered in two ways: according to their series and according to their function. When ordered by series, policies are grouped according to whether they are identified as academic, administrative, general and so on.

When ordered by function, they are mapped based on the major purpose to which they apply within the University's broad activities: for instance, finances, human resources, student services and records, and so on. The functional mapping may show a policy as pertinent to more than one function.

This HTML collection is intended to function as a convenient reference for all members of the University community. Although the Office of the Vice-President, Legal Affairs, updates this site on a regular basis, it is impossible to ensure complete accuracy at all times. Therefore, the University does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of this electronic collection of the policies and in no event will the University be liable or responsible for damages of any kind arising out of the use of the policies.

In the event of any discrepancies between the policy documents formally approved and the HTML versions published via this Web site, the former shall be the governing version.

Persons who need to rely upon the text of the policies for legal and other purposes may obtain a copy of the official version of the policy by writing to the:

Vice-President, Legal Affairs
President's Office
Simon Fraser University
Room 3200, Strand Hall
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC   V5A 1S6