Visiting Faculty


October 1, 1992

Revision Date


A 12.04

Revision No.

  1. Preamble


    1. The typical faculty appointment is and will continue to be one which leads to tenure. A short term need for staff to undertake specific teaching tasks will normally be met by making sessional appointments. However, under some special circumstances where contributions are required both to the teaching and to the research programs of a department, it may be desirable to make visiting appointments where one or more of the following conditions are satisfied:
    2. i. an authorized visiting appointment exists;
      ii. an authorized tenure-track position is vacant on a temporary basis;
      iii. authorization has been given for the replacement of a regular faculty member on leave or for the partial replacement of a faculty member whose appointment has been modified from full-time to part-time.

    3. Appointments may also be made to provide affiliation for a faculty member on leave from another institution who, because of allied interests, is invited to the University even though he/she may have no assigned duties and receive no remuneration from S.F.U.


  2. Definition
    A visiting faculty member must be a person who holds a position at the rank of Instructor, Assistant, Associate or Full Professor in a recognized university, or who holds an equivalent position in another appropriate organization.

  4. Terms and Conditions of Employment
    1. A visiting faculty member will normally be appointed for one year or less, and only in exceptional circumstances shall an appointment be made for a period exceeding one year.
    2. A visiting faculty member will normally be appointed at the rank he/she holds at his/her own institution.
    3. Appointment as a visiting faculty member carries no expectation of re-appointment. A visiting faculty member is not eligible for promotion or tenure.
      or 1 (a) appointments only;
    4. A visiting faculty member will be granted a research semester only when his or her services are required for continued participation in a S.F.U. research program.
  5. Responsibilities
    1. A visiting faculty member will be responsible to the Department Chair for assigned duties.
    2. A visiting faculty member may participate in departmental, Faculty or University committee work at the initiative of the appropriate authority, but may not vote.
  6. Remuneration and Benefits
    Visiting Faculty as specified in 1(a) above.
    1. The salary will be determined on an individual basis.
    2. A 21.01 provides details on benefits plans available.
    3. Visiting faculty may be eligible for relocation expenses as outlined in GP 9.

      1. Appointments of visiting faculty shall be concluded in accordance with A 10.01, category C.




    Questions of interpretation or application of this policy or its procedures shall be referred to the Vice-President, Academic, whose decision shall be final.