Terms of Appointment of Deans of Faculties


October 1, 1992

Revision Date


A 13.07

Revision No.

  1. The term of appointment of Deans shall normally be five years. An individual may be reappointed once as the Dean of the Faculty.

  2. During the term of office, the Dean shall serve on a year round basis, with annual vacation of one month which shall be scheduled in consultation with the Vice-President, Academic.

  3. The Dean shall be subject to recall at any time after the first year in office. A recall ballot shall be arranged by the Vice-President, Academic within a reasonable period following receipt of a petition requesting such a ballot. The petition must be signed by at least one-third of the faculty members in the Faculty involved. If the votes in favour of recall are equal to or greater than a majority of the faculty eligible to vote, the President shall recommend to the Board of Governors the termination of the Dean's contract as Dean.

  4. Upon completion of a five year appointment, the Dean shall be entitled to research leave of one year.

  5. A Dean who intends to resign from the position of Dean shall give as much notice as possible, preferably two semesters notice.

  6. Unless the Dean's academic salary is at the ceiling, the Dean's academic salary will be increased one step each year during the term of the appointment. The Vice-President, Academic may, after reviewing the performance of the Dean, decide on a higher placement of the Dean's salary when the Dean resumes his/her faculty position.

  7. Where the position of Dean becomes vacant and no successor has taken office, the Vice-President, Academic shall consult with the Chairs1 in the Faculty, and shall recommend to the President the name of a person to serve as Acting Dean.

    1 Chairs includes Directors of Schools and, in non-departmentalized Faculties, Directors of Programs

    October 1, 1992