Relocation Expenses for Tenure Track Faculty


October 1, 1992

Date of Last Review/Revision:

May 1, 2020



A 21.02



Relocation Expenses for Tenure Track Faculty

1. At the time of appointment the University will assist new tenure-track faculty members with the cost of relocation of domicile or travel to the Greater Vancouver Area (unless the faculty member's domicile is already within 50 kilometers of Simon Fraser University) in accordance with the following conditions.

2. Scale of Assistance

The scale of assistance shown on Appendix A (as adjusted from time to time) will normally apply and may be increased only upon submission of a request by the Dean, usually at the time the appointment is recommended. Such a request must have the approval of the Vice-President, Academic.

3. Full-Time Tenure Track Faculty

i. Appointees moving from another location in Canada

Each faculty member who is eligible will receive an allowance based on the distance moved in accordance with the schedule shown on Appendix A. A cheque will be issued approximately one month prior to the start of the appointment and forwarded to the faculty member. (This allowance is classed as taxable income but tax is not withheld when the allowance is paid. It is the individual's responsibility to retain the receipts collected and to make the permitted deductions against income in his/her tax return.)

ii. Appointees moving from outside Canada

Each faculty member who is eligible will be reimbursed for expenses incurred in connection with the move up to the maximum stated below:

a. within continental North America: the maximum amount for which expenses will be reimbursed will be the amount shown in Appendix A for the appropriate distance;

b. outside continental North America: the maximum amount for which expenses will be decided on an individual basis at the time of appointment.

Expenses such as airfare, moving company expenses or truck rental, temporary accommodation expenses for up to one week, etc. will be reimbursed but costs incurred in the sale or acquisition of real estate, including the appointee's principal residence will not be reimbursed.

Reimbursement of expenses will occur after expenses have been incurred. A statement of the expenses claimed and the receipts relating to those expenses should be forwarded to the office of the Vice-President, Academic.

4. Part-Time Faculty Members

The moving expenses for part-time appointments will be decided on an individual basis.

5. Two Appointments

If a person who is appointed as a limited term or visiting faculty member is subsequently appointed to a tenure-track faculty position which replaces or runs consecutively with the original appointment, he/she will normally be permitted to claim a moving allowance or reimbursement for relocation expenses (whichever is applicable) for both appointments up to the maximum associated with the tenure-track faculty appointment.

6. In case of simultaneous appointment of two persons constituting one household, the total which will be permitted as an allowance or reimbursement for expenses will be one and one half times the individual rate.

7. In the event that a faculty member resigns his/her appointment within one year of the start of the appointment, he/she will be required to reimburse the University a pro-rated amount of the moving allowance or the reimbursement paid. The pro-ration will be calculated on the basis of the time worked compared with the twelve months, e.g.

    Time Worked Repayment Required
    4 months = 67%
    6 months = 50%
    8 months = 33%

Note: The policy on Relocation expenses for other employees is contained in GP 9

October 1, 1992


Appendix A
Effective May 1, 2024
Tenure Track Faculty

For distances moved in excess of 50 kilometres, the amount of the allowance or the amount up to which the reimbursement for expenses may be made shall be:

1. Base Amount

    Assistant Professors/Instructors $8,856
    Associate Professors $14,757
    Professors $20,655

2. Distance

    $2.25 per km.


An Assistant Professor moving 2,500 km to Vancouver would be eligible for:

    Base Amount $8,856
    Distance 2,500 km x $2.25 $5,625
    Total $14,481

1.  Distances on which calculations will be made are land distances by the most direct route, for relocation between Greater Vancouver and the present domicile of the faculty member in continental North America.

2. Effective 1 May annually, the rate will be adjusted by the annual percentage change in the Private Transportation Component of the Consumer Price Index (Canada) recorded in the prior calendar year (January to December) or the previous twelve months.