Policy on Senate Actions


Approved by the Board of Governors on April 27, 1995

Revision Date

March 28, 2007


B 10.03

Revision No.


Senate decisions will be summarized and specific budget requirements noted. This summary will include information concerning the financial implications of program and curriculum changes. This material will be distributed to the full Board.


The Academic Operations Committee will consider this material

  1. If the Academic Operations Committee approves a Senate decision, the approvals required under the University Act will be deemed to have been completed.
  2. If two or more members of the Academic Operations Committee do not approve a Senate decision, the matter will be considered by the full Board of Governors.

When the Academic Operations Committee approves a Senate decision, it will be reported to the Board of Governors for information. The budget implications of the decision will be identified.


Questions of interpretation or application of this policy or its procedures shall be referred to the President and the Chair of the Board of Governors, who will jointly make a decision which shall be final.