Board Policy on Faculty Appointments


Approved by the Board of Governors on April 27, 1995

Revision Date

March 28, 2007


B 10.04

Revision No.


  1. At the September meeting of the Board a faculty recruitment plan which has received Presidential approval will be presented for discussion. The plan will cover recruiting for positions which will be filled beginning in the next fiscal year. Board approval of the budgetary requirements associated with the plan will be made as a part of the approval for the University's operating budget for the next fiscal year. This would normally occur in the following June.


  2. All appointment documentation for tenure track appointments (Category A in Policy A 10.01) will continue to be provided to the Academic Operations Committee for its consideration. If two or more members of the Academic Operations Committee do not approve a Presidential recommendation for appointment, the matter will be considered by the full Board of Governors.


  3. When the Academic Operations Committee approves a Presidential recommendation for appointment, the Board will be informed of this action. The connection between the appointment and the annual faculty recruitment plan will be identified. Offers of appointment will be made following approval by the Academic Operations Committee.


Questions of interpretation or application of this policy or its procedures shall be referred to the President and the Chair of the Board of Governors, who will jointly make a decision which shall be final.