Visiting Film Companies


December 17, 1985

Revision Date

March 3, 1993


GP 14

Revision No.





The University, in support of B.C.'s film industry, is prepared to permit use of its facilities by film companies for productions which do not detract from the image of the University. The Vice-President, Finance & Administration is responsible for protecting the interests of the University, negotiating agreements, and making appropriate arrangements. Charges are as outlined below, but may be modified by the Vice-President, Finance & Administration.

Normal Charges

Normally, charges to film companies who have requested and been granted permission to use University facilities will include the following, as applicable:

  1. a charge of $2,500 per day for each day the film company is on campus;

  2. any incremental costs incurred by the University in support of the film company activity, together with a 30% overhead charge on these costs;

  3. any charges negotiated on behalf of individual academic or administrative departments where access to, or use of, a particular department's facilities are involved. No overhead will apply to any such charges.

The revenue realized from i) above, and from the overhead charges in ii) above, will normally be credited to General University Revenue. All other cost recoveries related to the charges in ii) and iii) above will be credited to the applicable Cost Centres.


  1. All enquiries regarding the use of University facilities by visiting film companies should be referred to the Vice-President, Finance & Administration.

  2. The Vice-President, Finance & Administration, or delegate will:

    1. determine what space is required and, where necessary, consult with the appropriate department regarding the use of departmental space;

    2. determine an appropriate time schedule for film-related activities;

    3. negotiate a contract with the visiting film company (including provision by the company of a certified cheque in the amount of $10,000 as a deposit) and distribute a copy to Financial Services;

    4. accumulate costs, invoice the company, and collect the charges; then inform Financial Services of the disbursement of the monies collected.