Advertising, Selling or Smoking of Tobacco on Campus


November 19, 1987

Revision Date

July 23, 2009


GP 16

Revision No


1.0 Purpose

The risks associated with tobacco smoking are well-known. To protect public health, governments have acted within their respective jurisdictions to limit these risks by imposing restrictions on the advertising, sale and consumption of tobacco products. In turn, the University must give effect to these legislative restrictions.

This Policy regulates the sale, advertising and use of tobacco within University Space. 

2.0 Definitions

Smoking includes inhaling and/or holding lighted tobacco.

University Space means all real property to which the University has right of possession, whether by way of ownership, lease or otherwise. For the purposes of this Policy, lands administered under long-term lease to the SFU Community Trust are not considered University Space.

Enclosed Space is any space having a roof or other covering where more than 50% of the nominal wall space is enclosed by a material that does not permit air to flow easily through it.

3.0 Policy

3.1       A person must not deal in, sell, offer for sale or distribute tobacco within University Space.

3.2       Smoking is specifically prohibited:

3.2.1    within any building or structure; any vehicle owned, leased or rented by the University or any vehicle used for University purposes; and any other enclosed place and which

                        a) is a place to which the public is ordinarily invited or permitted access;

                        b) is a workplace, or

                        c) is a prescribed place (e.g., transit shelter), or

3.2.2    is within 10 meters of any building.

4.0 Scope

4.1       The policy applies to all campuses of Simon Fraser University.

4.2       The ceremonial use of tobacco for a traditional aboriginal cultural activity is specifically exempted by this Policy.

5.0 Roles and Responsibilities

5.1       The University Safety Committee, as well as the appropriate official in Health and Counselling, will advise the University on the appropriate means to achieve smoke-free status in areas covered by this Policy.

5.2        Faculty, staff and students should report non-compliance with this policy to Campus Security or Environmental Health and Safety.

5.3        Campus Security will: monitor compliance with these prohibitions; respond to reports of non-compliance; assist in advising smokers of the smoking restrictions; advice on locations where additional signage or ashtrays would be useful; and report violators to the responsible officer.

6.0 Authority

6.1       This policy is administered under the authority of the Vice President, Finance and Administration.

Appendix I

This policy should be read and understood in conjunction with the following University policies and other documents:

  • AD 1.06 Commercial Activities and Advertising
  • GP 17 University Occupational Health and Safety
  • GP 36 Use of University Space
  • S10.01 Code of Academic Integrity and Good Conduct
  • CUPE 3338, Poly Party, and TSSU Collective Agreements
  • APSA Employment Policies
  • SFU Faculty Academic Policies

Appendix II - Pertinent Legislation

BC Bill 10 – 2007: Tobacco Sales (Banning Tobacco and Smoking in Public Places and Schools) Amendment Act (RSBC 2007, c. 12, section 13).

Tobacco Control Act: RSBC 1996, c. 1996, c. 451, s. 2.1, 2.3. 2.4, II (2) (a), (j), (3), (4), oic478/2007.

Regulations: BC Order in Council 826/2007.