Animal/Pet Policy


April 4, 2003

Revision Date

May 1, 2006


GP 33

Revision No.



Simon Fraser University’s purpose is to provide post-secondary education at both the undergraduate and graduate level and to facilitate high-level research. The University is also a major employer. In fulfilling these functions, it has a legal duty to provide access and to accommodate the needs of students and employees with disabilities. It must also provide a healthy and safe environment in which individuals can work and study. Consequently, the University recognizes the need to have on campus specially-trained animals that assist persons with disabilities as well as animals used for approved research and teaching purposes. It also recognizes the need to minimize the potential health and safety risks to students and employees that may result from the presence of other animals/pets at the Burnaby campus.


With the exception of animals providing assistance to persons with disabilities, animals/pets are not permitted under the terms of the leases at Harbour Centre and SFU Surrey and are prohibited in on-campus student residences. Further, it is the University’s strong preference that, with the exceptions set out in the Preamble (working animals and research animals), animals/pets should not be brought onto the Burnaby campus.

    (a) Where applicable, the animal/pet should be licensed, vaccinated and have I.D. tags.

    (b) Simon Fraser University expressly adopts the requirements of Burnaby’s Animal Control Bylaw related to the leashing, muzzling and animal waste. (see Appendix). At SFU, however, “public place” will be defined as anywhere on campus with the exception of a fully enclosed office.

    (c) If the animal/pet causes a disturbance, interrupts the work of others or poses a health or safety risk to students, faculty or staff who are exposed to it, the animal/pet must immediately be removed from campus by its owner and kept off campus.

    (d) Only exempt animals, as noted above, are permitted in teaching or research labs.

    (e) By bringing a non-exempt animal/pet onto the Burnaby campus, the owner accepts sole financial and legal responsibility for any damage, injury or other harm caused by the animal /pet and will indemnify the University should it be found legally liable for any injury or other harm caused the animal/pet.


Questions of interpretation or application of this policy shall be referred to the President whose decision shall be final.


Burnaby Animal Control Bylaw 1991 - # 9609


(1) Every owner of a dog shall keep it on a leash not longer than 2m while on a highway or public place.
(2)Every owner of a vicious dog shall keep it muzzled while on a highway or public place.
(3)Every owner of a dog that leaves or deposits excrement on any property other than property of the owner shall immediately remove such excrement and dispose of it on her or his own property or in a sanitary manner.


(5) No owner of any dog shall permit that dog to disturb the quiet, peace, enjoyment or comfort of the surrounding neighbourhood, or of persons [residing] in the vicinity, by barking.