Use of University Space


March 7, 2005

Revision Date


GP 36

Revision No.


The University has the right to manage the use of, and access to, its interior and exterior space. The University recognizes and respects the core values of academic freedom and freedom of expression. To ensure that the University’s activities, the safety and security of persons and facilities, and the University’s reputation are not compromised, however, conditions and/or limitations may be imposed on the use of University space.

Space Priorities

  1. There are categories of University Space that are for the exclusive use of the University and are not available for other uses (e.g., office space, laboratories).


  2. Large University-wide events such as Convocation and Orientation supersede most other reservations.


  3. Normally, the priority ranking for the use of University space that is generally available for booking is:

    1. Academic or Administrative Users;
    2. Academic Invitees;
    3. Student Groups; and
    4. Commercial users and other third parties.


1.1 The purpose of this policy is to ensure that University space is used efficiently and responsibly and in ways consistent with the values and priorities outlined above. Any event planned for SFU Space may be subject to approval by Campus Security, Facilities Management, Occupational Health & Safety, and/or Financial Services (Risk Management & Insurance). This policy must be read in conjunction with other University policies that impact on the use of University space (see Appendix 1).

1.2 Use of University Space is authorized and booked through several different offices and on all three campuses. (See Appendix 2.) Each Booking Office may manage requests for space using their own internal processes and policies so long as those processes and policies are consistent with the goals and practices set out in this Policy.

1.3 University departments and/or organizations may book facilities by contacting the responsible Booking Offices as noted in Appendix 1. Students or student groups wishing to use University Space or sponsor an invited group must do so through the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) or the Graduate Student Society at SFU (GSS).

1.4 Use of University Space by off-campus organizations or commercial interests may be authorized by a dean or vice president. Alternatively, an organization or individual may be sponsored by an academic or administrative unit, or by the SFSS. Sponsorship does not guarantee approval.

1.5 The University department (or, where applicable, the SFSS) that manages the booking process for an event (see Appendix 2) is responsible for ensuring that users are informed of their responsibilities under this and other related University policies (See Appendix 1) and that, where applicable, all relevant information on indemnity and liability has been communicated and all appropriate agreements concluded.

2.0 The approval of a request for the use of University Space may be subject to conditions and/or limitations. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Date, time and location of the event
  • Maximum number of attendees
  • Implementation of security measures
  • Liaison with University Communications

3.0 The sponsoring department will be responsible for ensuring all charges for costs incurred as a result of booking space for an off-campus organization are paid promptly. When additional services (e.g., security guards, labourers, projectionists, etc.) are provided, the sponsoring department will be billed by the University department that performs the service. In all cases, the sponsor is responsible for ensuring that all charges incurred by an on- or off-campus organization are paid promptly and becomes liable for any charges left unpaid 30 days following invoice.

4.0 Off-campus organizations will not be permitted to charge admission to any function or to collect monies from persons attending an event held in University Space for which no rental fee is being paid.


“University Space” means all real property to which the University has right of possession, whether by way of ownership, lease or otherwise. Real property owned by the University but leased out to a third party, such as the University Centre Building (which is leased to the SFSS) is not included within the definition of University Space.

“Academic/Administrative Users” are academic units and administrative units of the University, including all faculty members and staff acting in their capacity as employees of the University, who wish to use University Space for official University purposes. Examples of such University purposes include the following:

  • regularly scheduled classes or similar activities for University credit course offerings (i.e., University degree and diploma courses approved by Senate);
  • occasional seminars, discussion groups or similar activities for University credit course offerings;
  • official meetings or activities of Faculties, Departments or Programs;
  • Continuing Education activities of faculties, including those credit and non-credit activities organized through Continuing Studies; and
  • official meetings or other similar activities of faculty or staff.

Academic/Administrative Users also include organizations supported by the University with finances, time or professional skills (e.g., Alumni Association, Retirees’ Association) and bargaining units representing University employees (e.g., Administrative and Professional Staff Association, CUPE) that wish to use University Space for their regular business meetings.

“Academic Invitees” are persons and organizations the University wishes to host within University Space and to whom the University extends an invitation. They generally include accredited organizations with a special or direct relationship to the University, are normally of an educational, cultural, professional or social service nature, and are non-profit in operation (e.g., educational institutions, learned societies, charities). Academic Invitees may also include University students in their individual capacities, if approved by the Dean of Student Services.

“Student Groups” are the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS), the Graduate Student Society at SFU (GSS) and those official clubs, constituency societies, and subsidiary organizations that are a part of the SFSS or GSS.

“Commercial/Other Third Parties” are all persons or organizations other than Academic/Administrative Users, Academic Invitees, and Student Groups who wish to use University Space. Examples of Commercial/Other Third Parties include the SFU Community Trust, the SFU Community Association, summer camps, movie production companies, wedding parties, and may include the federal and provincial governments.

“Booking Office” is any one of the offices responsible for managing the booking of University Space. (See Appendix 2).

“Sponsored” means that an organization or individual has assumed financial responsibility for the costs associated with holding an event or booking space.

“Indemnity and liability” refers to groups covered under priorities iii) and iv). These groups use SFU Space at their own risk and must include SFU as an Additional Insured under their Liability Insurance with a minimum of $2 million any one occurrence.

GP 36 Appendix 1

This Policy should be read in conjunction with the following University Policies and the Statement on Values and Commitments:

  • SFU’s Statement on Values and Commitments

  • AD 1-6 Commercial Outlets, Advertising and Selling on Campus

  • AD1-12 Serving of Alcoholic Beverages at Campus Functions

  • AD1-17 Control and Scheduling of Athletic Facilities

  • AD 3-14 Indemnity Approval Policy

  • AD 13-5 Display and Notices, Posters, Advertisements, etc. on Campus

  • GP 4 Unscheduled Cancellations of Classes and/or Closure of the University – Burnaby Campus

  • GP 14 Visiting Film Companies

  • GP 16 Non-Smoking Policy

  • GP 18 Human Rights Policy

  • GP 25 Response to Violence and Threatening Behaviour

  • T 10.01 Code of Student Conduct

GP 36 Appendix 2 - Units responsible for booking University space

SFU (Burnaby) Campus:

Meetings/Events Online Booking, Student Services

  • booking of non-credit events and University-related activities in centrally controlled classrooms.
    Website: Student Services Room Bookings

    Student Services

  • Larger public spaces (e.g., Convocation Mall, AQ North Concourse, Town Square, Applied Sciences Building Atrium, Arts and Social Sciences (ASSC 1) Atrium)
    Tel: 778-782-6710


    Conference Services:

  • Scheduling of all University spaces for external and otherwise unscheduled University-sponsored events
    Tel: 778-782-3649
    Fax: 778-782-3420
    Website: Conference Services


    Residence & Housing Guest and/or Group Accommodation

  • Space includes: hotel rooms, townhouse quads, dormitory space, meeting rooms and dining hall
    Tel: 778-782-4330 or 778-782-4503
    Website: Guest Accommodations

    WAC Bennett Library
    Policy regarding the booking of rooms at the Bennett Library can be seen at: About the Library
    Library meeting rooms

  • Scheduling and room reservations for university-related meetings and events
    Tel: 778-782-6704

    Study rooms for students with disabilities

  • Short term bookings, managed by the Centre for Students with Disabilities
    Tel: 778-782-3112

    Study rooms for graduate students

  • Semester bookings managed by Library Loans
    Tel: 778-782-3274

    Group study rooms for students

  • Self-booked for up to 2 hour periods
    Website: Study Room Booking Service


    Faculty of Education:

  • Scheduling of rooms booked by Education for any purpose
    Tel: 778-782-4129


    Learning and Instructional Development Centre (LIDC)
    The LIDC makes available several rooms with specialized electronic equipment for use by members of the University community as noted below:

  • EDB 7619 is a 20-seat theatre. Equipment includes with a LCD projector, slide projector, TV tuner, VCR, stereo sound system, SFU cable and data networks, and a telephone line. Technical charges may apply.
  • EDB 7512 is a Seminar room with a capacity of 20 to 25 people. Equipment includes an LCD projector, electric projection screen, white boards, overhead projector, telephone line and multiple network outlets. It is used exclusively for teaching applications.
    LIDC reception at local 3910

    WMX 2522 is LIDC’s dedicated video conference room. It accommodates 30 participants and one moderator. Available to SFU personnel at a one hour labour setup charge (currently $28) plus ISDN line charges, if applicable.
    Peter Corps: 778-782-3773,
    John Simmer: 778-782-3648,
    Bill Goodman: 778-782-3399,
    Videoconferencing website: Learning and Instructional Development Centre

    SFU Theatre
    A 445-seat theatre, with 4 wheelchair spaces. There is a movable partition or a main curtain that can be drawn to create a proscenium. Rental charge for non-campus groups, plus wages for at least one technician and one front of house manager. For on-campus groups the rental charge is waived, but reimbursement of wages for technicians and front of house still applies. Availability is limited due to a heavy teaching and production schedule.
    Theatre Manager: Heather Blakemore, 778-782-3513, or
    Box Office Clerk: Sheila Pineau, 778-782-3514 or

    Recreational Services and Athletics (Gym)
    Facilities Assistant: Trish O'Hagan
    Tel: 778-782-6575
    Website: SFU Recreation

    Simon Fraser Student Society

  • non-academic room bookings of space managed by the SFSS
    Tel: 778-782-3870


    The Graduate Student Society at SFU

  • non-academic room booking of space managed by the GSS :The Laurine Harrison Graduate Student Conference Room (MBC 2212)
    Tel: 778-782-3899


    Dining Services
    Catering Office: 778-782-4510
    Admin. Office: 778-782-4481

    Diamond University Centre
    General Manager: 778-782-4795
    Catering Manager: 778-782-4796

    SFU Vancouver:

    Harbour Centre:

  • Harbour Centre Building; Centre for Dialogue; Chief Dan George Centre; [in 2005, Segal School for Business]
  • Undergraduate and graduate for-credit courses, non-credit courses, University meetings, public lectures, external and internal rentals


    Meeting and Event Services (Harbour Centre)

  • Rooms and resources (audio visual, room set ups, catering, etc.) for internal meetings and conferences and non-credit classes.
    Tel: 778-782-5258, 778-782-5085, 778-782-5083
    Website: (Meeting and Event Services)


    Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue

  • Dedicated meeting and conference space for internal (SFU) and external use by local, national and international groups
    Tel: 778-782-5800 (reception)
    Fax: 778-782-5818
    General email:
    Website: (Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue)

    SFU Surrey:

  • Scheduling of all campus spaces for internal and/or external uses
    Tel: 778-782-7558
    Website: SFU Surrey