Pages 169–228

Page Number: 194
Footnote Number: 68
Content: 天津市革命委员会,通知[Directive], 津革发[1979] 33 (April 10, 1979), AC.

Page Number: 208
Footnote Number: 29
Content: 侯隽 Hou Jun, 江青三次去小靳庄的部分讲话和活动 [Parts of Jiang Qing's talks and activities during her three visits to Xiaojinzhuang], October 14, 1976, AC.

Page Number: 209
Footnote Number: 32
Content: Hou Jun, 江青三次去小靳庄的部分讲话和活动, 2.

Page Number: 214
Footnote Number: 47
Content: This apparent attack on Premier Zhou Enlai was cited after Jiang Qing's arrest as one of her most heinous acts in Xiaojinzhuang. See RMRB, January 12, 1978, 2, and Hou Jun, 江青三次去小靳庄, 1. During the "Criticize Lin Biao, Criticize Confucius" movement, Jiang directed her writing groups to attack the Duke of Zhou and the Confucian rites (zhouli), both of which were alleged to be attacks on Zhou Enlai after the arrest of the Gang of Four.

Page Number: 214
Footnote Number: 48
Content: In the early 2000s, people acquainted with Zhou Kezhou and Wang Xian still referred to them by the names Jiang Qing gave them. Interviewee 104; Hou Jun, 江青三次去小靳庄, 1; GJG:1, 6-7.

Page Number: 216
Footnote Number: 58
Content: RMRB, November 26, 1976, 3. For a text that depicts Wang Du encouraging Jiang Qing to criticize Deng Xiaoping, see Hou Jun, 江青三次去小靳庄, 5.

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