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The SFU Close Relationships Lab is located in the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University and is directed by Dr. Rebecca Cobb, Ph.D. At the SFU Couples Lab, our goal is to better understand how romantic relationships change and develop over time. Close relationships can be important sources of support and happiness; however, developing and maintaining satisfying relationships is not always easy. We aim to examine how factors such as psychological health, attachment security, and communication can affect couples' relationship and sexual satisfaction. Our current research projects focus on the role of sexual communication in romantic relationships and how to teach people to have healthier and happier relationships.

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In the Close Relationships Lab directed by Dr. Cobb, we are studying how to help couples have happier relatonships and how consensually non-monogamous individuals manage their complex relationships. We are seeking applicants for several volunteer positions. 

Do you like talking to people on the phone, developing rapport, and informing people about a new research study? Do you want to learn more about clinical and relationship research? Are you thinking about graduate school? If yes, you should join our team!

Team members recruit and screen potential participants, manage survey data, and participate in weekly meetings. This is an exciting oppurtunity to learn about clinic research and what science tells us about how to have healthy relationships. You will work closely with graduate students and Dr. Cobb and develop skills relevant for careers and graduate training in psychology. The lab is currently hybrid with some activities online and some in person. 

To apply, email your CV (or resume) and unoffical transript to along with a brief statement about why you want to join the lab. 

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We are currently not accepting applications for volunteer RA positions. 

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