Research Assistants

Sabrina Bhagat

I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with concentration in Social Behavioural Science, here at SFU. My research interests include the intersections between mental health, interpersonal relationships and social identity. I plan to pursue a MA (and PhD) in Counselling Psychology in the near future!

Abigail Falk

I am an undergraduate psychology student and have been working in the Couples Lab since November 2018. In my ongoing Honours project under Dr. Cobb, I am investigating predictors of attraction between strangers and exploring whether attachment security and use of self-disclosure foster initial attraction. I have also worked on projects investigating support within relationships, wellbeing, and BDSM. I have interests in research relationship development, non-monogamy, and psychometrics. In the future I hope to explore the strategies researchers use to investigate concepts like relationship satisfaction, and whether current approaches can be improved. 

Michelle Korlacka

I am currently completing the 4th year of my BA degree in Psychology with a Minor in Counselling and Human Development. I have been a Research Assistant at the IRSJ Lab since January 2020 with Dr. Stephen Wright and have been an Research Assistant at the Couples lab with since June 2020. My current research interests include how couples cope with mental health challenges, low self-esteem, stress, conflict and histories of trauma. I am particularly interested in how couples provide support and what relationship factors can be fostered to promote relationship satisfaction and improve the psychological wellbeing of individuals. In the near future I hope to graduate with an Honours Degree and pursue a MA (and PhD) in Clinical Psychology.

Dylan Murray 

I'm a 4th year undergraduate student finishing up my BA in Psychology at SFU. Some of my research interests include the impact of close relationships on physical and mental health, cultural development in children, sexual identity, and the dynamics of consensually non-monogamous relationships. In the future I plan to pursue a MD, and I hope to apply my background in psychology to provide a holistic and empathic approach to health among vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Tristan Raymond

I transferred to SFU from Ryerson University in Toronto back in 2018, and was recently accepted into the Honours program for Psychology. I have been a research assistant in Dr. Yuthika Girme’s Supporting Relationships and Wellbeing Lab and am currently a manager of Dr. Tanya Broesch’s Culture and Development Lab. As part of my Honours project I am currently investigating the quality of father-infant free play interaction and its association with infant attachment security. My broader research interests include underlying motivations and outcomes of consensually non-monogamous relationships in their various configurations. To continue pursuing relationship research, I plan on applying for an MA (and PhD) in clinical psychology.

Erica Smith

I transfered from Langara with an Associate of Arts: Pychology degree and now I'm in my 4th year completing my BA in Psychology here at SFU! My research interests include how attachment security affects interpersonal relationships, developmental psychopathology, and emotion regulation. I've been fortunate to learn in the Couples lab since Summer 2019 getting hands on research experience surveying how couples maintain/support their relationships over time. I'm also a research assistant in the Adolescent Health lab, completing a directed studies under Dr. Moretti, conducting a literature review on attachment security and bullying behaviour with the goal of investigating the topic further as an honours project. I plan to continue to pursue a MA either in Counselling or Clinical Psychology in the future! 

Ainsley Tan

I am an undergraduate student who will be graduating in December with a BA in Psychology. I became a research assistant for the Couples Lab in July 2020, and have been a research assistant in the IRSJ lab since September 2019. Some of my research interests include attachment insecurity and the implications on partner self-worth, conflict communication, and fears of being single. I am also greatly interested in cultural differences in close relationships. In the near future, I plan to pursue a MEd in Counselling Psychology!

Bruna Villela Leite

I am an undergraduate student in my second year of university at SFU, working toward a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology, but planning on graduating with an Honours Degree! I joined the lab in July 2020, and I plan to either pursue a M.A. in Counselling or Ph.d. in Clinical Psychology. My research interests include how early life psychological trauma affects people's relationships, personality development and mental health throughout their lives.