Research Assistants

Carissa Gauthier

I transferred from the University of Winnipeg in 2019 and am currently a third year undergraduate student at SFU. I am working toward my Bachelors of Arts with a Major in Psychology. I am hoping to do my Honours in the fall of 2022 and graduate soon after. I have been part of the Close Relationships Lab since May 2021 and am also part of Dr. Girme’s Relationships and Wellbeing Lab since January 2021. I am particularly interested in consensual non-monogamous relationships, sex therapy and education for youth on developing healthy intimate relationships. I hope to pursue a MA and eventually a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a focus on romantic relationships.

Michelle Korlacka

I am currently completing the 4th year of my BA degree in Psychology with a Minor in Counselling and Human Development. I have been a Research Assistant at the IRSJ Lab since January 2020 with Dr. Stephen Wright and have been an Research Assistant at the Couples lab with since June 2020. My current research interests include how couples cope with mental health challenges, low self-esteem, stress, conflict and histories of trauma. I am particularly interested in how couples provide support and what relationship factors can be fostered to promote relationship satisfaction and improve the psychological wellbeing of individuals. In the near future I hope to graduate with an Honours Degree and pursue a MA (and PhD) in Clinical Psychology.

Jane Landsky

I am an undergraduate student working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Psychology, here at SFU. My research interests include attachment security, conflict within close relationships, and how couples support each other. I am also very interested in evolutionary origins of concepts in close relationships, like jealousy. I plan to pursue a Med in Counselling Psychology following my undergraduate degree. I have been a research assistant in the lab since July 2021.

Dylan Murray 

I'm a 4th year undergraduate student finishing up my BA in Psychology at SFU. Some of my research interests include the impact of close relationships on physical and mental health, cultural development in children, sexual identity, and the dynamics of consensually non-monogamous relationships. In the future I plan to pursue a MD, and I hope to apply my background in psychology to provide a holistic and empathic approach to health among vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Tristan Raymond

I transferred to SFU from Ryerson University in Toronto back in 2018, and was recently accepted into the Honours program for Psychology. I have been a research assistant in Dr. Yuthika Girme’s Supporting Relationships and Wellbeing Lab and am currently a manager of Dr. Tanya Broesch’s Culture and Development Lab. As part of my Honours project I am currently investigating the quality of father-infant free play interaction and its association with infant attachment security. My broader research interests include underlying motivations and outcomes of consensually non-monogamous relationships in their various configurations. To continue pursuing relationship research, I plan on applying for an MA (and PhD) in clinical psychology.

Selina Sobolewski 

I am currently working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Counselling and Human Development. I hope to do my honours in psychology and go on to pursue post graduate studies in either counselling or clinical psychology. I am interested in both child and adult attachment, particularly the conceptualization and prevalence of disorganized and fearful attachment. Following that, the role this attachment style plays in close relationships across one’s lifespan. Other topics of interest include poor self-image, early trauma, social inclusion and exclusion, and the biology and psychology of pain. I have been a research assistant for the Close Relationships Lab since May 2021.

Kaelin Toth

I graduated in 2020 from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree in the combined specialization of biology and psychology. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I discovered my passion for mental health and human sexuality. Specifically, my interests include sexual disorders and the various factors that lead to their manifestation, as well as how they affect relationship satisfaction. I have been a research assistant in the close relationships lab at SFU since May 2021, and am hoping to pursue both an M.A and Ph.d. in clinical psychology in the future!