June 2021 - We are excited to have received an Insight Development Grant to study consensually non-monogamous (CNM) relationships! We will focus on understanding the romantic experiences of people in CNM relationships, how they can flourish and maintain secure bonds with multiple partners.

June 2021 - Congratulations to Tristan for receiving the Mary Batchelor Memorial Award, Psychology Alumni Honours Award, Robert C. Brown Award and the CPA Certificate of Academic Excellence!

October 2020 - Congratulations to Richard and Lauren for graduating with their Master's and starting their PhD programs!

September 2020 - Congratulations to Richard for successfully defending his Master's thesis, as well as starting on his PhD this Fall!

September 2020 - Congratulations to Lauren on becoming a mother of her twin boys!

July 2020 - Congratulations to Lauren for successfully defending her Master's thesis! 

July 2020 - Congratulations to our PhD student Jessica Ferreira, who is the recipient of a $6000 MitacsCanada Research Award for her work on emotion regulation and sexual satisfaction in couples! 

June 2020 - Congratulations to Jessica for receiving the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Certificate of Academic Excellence for her MA thesis!

June 2020 - Congratulations to Spencer for receiving the Mary Batchelor Memorial Award!

September 2018: A fond good bye to those who are graduating: Jennifer Pink (PhD), Roanne Millman (PhD), and all the RAs who graduate this year.