New AGE-WELL Book | Autonomy and Independence: Aging in an Era of Technology

February 01, 2022

AGE-WELL embarked on an AgeTech book series project in 2019 on AGE-WELL’s Challenge Areas, in collaboration with Morgan & Claypool Publishers. To learn about the eight AGE-WELL Challenge Areas that drive AGE-WELL’s research and innovation agenda and its overall strategic direction in 2020-2023, click here

The second book in the series is now published and is titled Autonomy and Independence: Aging in an Era of Technology. This book examines the concepts of autonomy and independence in older adults or persons preparing for older adulthood. The authors challenge readers to reflect on autonomy and independence not as absolutes, but as evolving concepts that consider older adults' social connections and environments. The book provides brief and accessible overviews of the state-of-the-art within the Challenge Areas and is meant to be key scientific output of the AGE-WELL Network. 

The book was a joint collaboration between AGE-WELLSFU STAR and University of Waterloo. SFU STAR provides project management support for the book series. 

The book is available for sale in print and eBook format (as well as a combination of both). To learn more, click here