Science Communication Resources

Real-World Ouput Templates and Guidelines Tool-kit

One of the roles of STAR Institute is to communicate research outcomes to the "real-world".  It is our goal that each research project within the SFU technology and aging world have parallel academic and real-world outputs. As well as academic papers, projects coming out of the STAR Institute and the Point of Care Health Technologies team should aim to provide outputs targeted at knowledge users. To that end, we have developed a tool-kit that includes a set of guidelines and templates for researchers to assist them in creating these outputs.

Info sheet - A "what-do-we-know" summary; Project brief - A lay summary of the who, what, why, how, where and when of a new project; Research brief - A lay summary of research project and results; Policy brief - Short summaries of research implications for social, health and economic policy, targeted at policy with a focus on problems, potential solutions and social and economic benefits; Business brief - How the results of the research can be developed into new business opportunities; and Impact case studies - Examples of excellent research that has led to real-world impact.

To reviwe and download the full tool-kit, click here for PDF and click here for MS-Word.

"Science communication is the practice of educating and raising awareness of science-related topics and translating knowledge into useful terms."