Aging and Tech Publications and Resources

Scan below for resources and publications produced by the STAR Institute and others in the field of aging and technology…

Seniors Come Share Society - Resource Directory
This directory includes businesses and services available for older adults and their families living in Surrey and White Rock.

An Exploration of Experiences of Transdisciplinary Research in Aging and Technology
AGE-WELL Crosscutting Activity 3 (Transdisciplinary Working)

Optimal Aging Across the Life Course: The Purpose of Longer Lives
The Gerontological Society of America Report

Healthy Aging by United Way Annual Report 2018/19
The report showcases United Way's efforts to keep older British Columbian's active, engaged, and connected through local, regional and provincial programming and services. 

Our Place, Our Space: Resident Stories and Place Priorities

The National Seniors Council: Who's At Risk and What Can We Do About It?
A Review of the Literature on the Social Isolation of Different Groups of Seniors

The Conversation
Curated by professional editors, The Conversation offers informed commentary and debate on the issues affecting our world. The Conversation is a not-for-profit media outlet that uses content sourced from academics and researchers.

Perceptions of Home in Long-Term Care Settings: Before and After Institutional Relocation

YouAreUNLTD Magazine
This publishing brand is designed to disrupt and redefine what it means to get older providing Canadians with a fresh voice and the resources they want to age with vitality. Interview with Co-Director Andrew Sixsmith on p. 50 of third issue. 

The Impact of AAL in the Netherlands: Co-creation and commercialisation of ICT solutions for older adults

Fact Book on Aging in British Columbia and Canada
Gerontology Research Centre, Simon Fraser University

Aging Well @ Home 
An Implementation and Sustainability Plan, Prepared by the Place-Making with Seniors Ressearch Team

NEIGHBOURHOODS OF THE FUTURE: Better Homes for Older Adults - Improving Health, Care, Design and Technology
A White Paper from the Agile Ageing Alliance, A Campaigning Social Business Connecting Digital Innovators in an Ageing Society

Collaboration Café: Co-creating Solutions with Non-Profit Housing Providers

'I am busy independent woman who has sense of humor, caring about others' - Older Adults' Self-Representations in Online Dating Profiles