Aging and Tech Publications and Resources

Scan below for resources and publications produced by the STAR Institute and others in the field of aging and technology…

A protocol for co-creating research project lay summaries with stakeholders: Guideline development for AGE-WELL network
Funding bodies increasingly require researchers to write lay summaries to communicate projects’ real-world relevance to the public in an accessible way. This project's primary objective was to develop guidelines to co-create lay summaries of research projects with stakeholders.

The Conversation
Curated by professional editors, The Conversation offers informed commentary and debate on the issues affecting our world. The Conversation is a not-for-profit media outlet that uses content sourced from academics and researchers.

Optimal Aging Across the Life Course: The Purpose of Longer Lives
The Gerontological Society of America Report

Healthy Aging by United Way Annual Report 2018/19
The report showcases United Way's efforts to keep older British Columbian's active, engaged, and connected through local, regional and provincial programming and services. 

Our Place, Our Space: Resident Stories and Place Priorities

The National Seniors Council: Who's At Risk and What Can We Do About It?
A Review of the Literature on the Social Isolation of Different Groups of Seniors

Perceptions of Home in Long-Term Care Settings: Before and After Institutional Relocation

Human Participants Research Safety Plan
A process for developing and submitting an in-person Human Participants Research (HPR) Safety Plan to conduct certain field-based research activities via SFU Office of Research Ethics has been created. Health and safety guidelines will be ensured for field-work activities such as 1:1 interviews in appropriate space or small focus-group with required social distancing in place.

YouAreUNLTD Magazine
This publishing brand is designed to disrupt and redefine what it means to get older providing Canadians with a fresh voice and the resources they want to age with vitality. Interview with Co-Director Andrew Sixsmith on p. 50 of third issue. 

An Exploration of Experiences of Transdisciplinary Research in Aging and Technology
AGE-WELL Crosscutting Activity 3 (Transdisciplinary Working)

NEIGHBOURHOODS OF THE FUTURE: Better Homes for Older Adults - Improving Health, Care, Design and Technology
A White Paper from the Agile Ageing Alliance, A Campaigning Social Business Connecting Digital Innovators in an Ageing Society

Seniors Come Share Society - Resource Directory
This directory includes businesses and services available for older adults and their families living in Surrey and White Rock.

Doing Transdisciplinarity: Promising Practices in Aging and Technology Research and Development
AGE-WELL Crosscutting Activity 3 (Transdisciplinary Working)


The Impact of AAL in the Netherlands: Co-creation and commercialisation of ICT solutions for older adults


Fact Book on Aging in British Columbia and Canada
Gerontology Research Centre, Simon Fraser University


Aging Well @ Home 
An Implementation and Sustainability Plan, Prepared by the Place-Making with Seniors Ressearch Team

Collaboration Café: Co-creating Solutions with Non-Profit Housing Providers

'I am busy independent woman who has sense of humor, caring about others' - Older Adults' Self-Representations in Online Dating Profiles