Joining the SFU community

We've prepared a series of programs and events to welcome new students to the SFU community and assist your transition here. They're immersive ways to learn about student life at SFU and also a lot of fun. We'll also point out where you can meet people in the community and how you can get around campus and beyond!

Joining SFU

Sign up for SFU's transition programs

University Prep and SFU 101

University Prep is a free online course for new undergraduates and helps you prepare for your academic transition to SFU. Get guidance on academic planning, degree requirements, course enrolment, and get to know our services and resources for students. You'll find specific sections in the course relevant to international students.

SFU 101 is another free online course that complements University Prep by informing you about welcome events and programs at the start of your first term, SFU culture and student life, and sharing tips for academic success. You'll get to meet your HIVE for the first time (see below) and connect with your faculty representatives.

The Hive Program

The HIVE program connects you with a small group of new students from your faculty, giving you the opportunity to make new friends even before your first day! You'll be assigned to your HIVE in the SFU 101 course, get support from HIVE Leaders, who are knowledgeable SFU students that can share their personal experiences at SFU.

Welcome Day and Month of Welcome

We kick off each Fall term with an epic Month of Welcome, starting with Welcome Day to greet all the new students joining our community. We'll show you around campus and introduce you to each other. The rest of the month is often filled with various activities and events around our campuses, hosted by different units across SFU!

Joining SFU

Engage with student communities

Global Student Centre

The Global Student Centre (GSC) is your hub on campus for establishing intercultural connections, engaging in global issues, and sharing international experiences, while making new friends and using our support services. The GSC hosts events each term aimed at students from international pathways, giving you an inclusive gathering space to hang out, eat together, and participate in fun activities.

Learn more about the Global Student Centre

Student clubs

There are over 230+ student-run clubs at SFU, each with a focus on academics, arts and culture, social justice and charitable causes, sports and activities, pop culture, hobbies, and more! Clubs are an excellent way to meet people who share similar interests and values, and build lasting friendships within the SFU community, as you develop new skills and network in your field.

Multifaith Centre

The Multifaith Centre is an engaging community that encourages you to express and practice your spiritual beliefs, and hosts events, safe prayer spaces, and opportunities to learn about other faiths. You'll be able to seek support and accommodation for your spiritual well-being through various activities, discussion groups, interfaith dialogues, and more.

Fitness and recreation

Make friends while staying active and healthy by joining any of our group fitness programs, like yoga, pilates, dance, and martial arts classes; sports and cheerleading clubs, intramurals, and drop-in sports programs. SFU Rec's 12,000 sq ft multi-level fitness facility, full-sized fields, gyms and aquatic centre (renewal project to be completed in 2025), and more are open for SFU students.

Joining SFU

Get around campus and beyond

U-Pass BC Program

The U-Pass BC Program is a partnership between SFU, TransLink, and the province of BC, providing students with universal and affordable access to one of the world's best public transit systems. All of Metro Vancouver will be easily accessible to you with your U-Pass.

Alternative transportation options

If you plan to live off-campus, aside from taking public transit or driving with your own vehicle, there are other options for you to get to your classes and around the city. Cycling is a popular option, with a network of designated bicycle routes that make it convenient to travel around Metro Vancouver. Evolve E-Bike sharecar share services, carpooling, and the SFU Burnaby campus community shuttle are also great options for transportation.

Dining at SFU

You won't need to venture very far to enjoy a good meal! There are many great food options on campus or in the vicinity, especially the all-you-care-to-eat culinary choices at our Dining Commons, open 24/7. You can opt-in for meal plans for added value and convenience.

SFU Snap app

Plan your campus experience with SFU Snap! Find classroom locations, look up TransLink bus and SkyTrain schedules, and explore campus services like parking and dining.

You can also access personalized information including course and exam schedules, your library record, and upcoming assignments for your courses on the Canvas platform.

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