Financial planning and support

University is a significant investment of money, time, and effort, but it's one that pays off greatly for your future. Financial aid, supports, and paid work opportunities are accessible to eligible international students and can help you pay for your university education.

Financial Planning

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Financial planning page

The pursuit of higher education in Canada has seen rising costs over the years, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have ways and means to offset them. Use our resource page to learn about different options that can help you fund your education, and learn to budget for your undergraduate studies.

Undergraduate cost calculator

Our cost calculator provides you with an estimate of your expenses per term as an SFU student. Use the calculator as a starting point for managing your financial expectations and as a financial reference for any next steps you'll need to take while planning for your studies.

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MyFinances 101 course

MyFinances101 is an online financial literacy course available for free to SFU students. It helps you build foundational knowledge so that you can make responsible choices with your personal finances, by understanding banking, credit basics, budgeting, financial aid, student loans, taxes, and more.

Financial Planning

Apply for scholarships, bursaries, and awards

Scholarships, bursaries, and awards

SFU offers funding opportunities in the form of scholarships, bursaries, and need-based awards to assist eligible international students in meeting your educational goals. We'll also be able to provide documentation so you can arrange for financial assistance through institutions in your home country before coming to Canada.

Entrance scholarships

There are a variety of entrance scholarships for new international students. Some of these scholarships require an application, while others do not—they are awarded automatically to new students who meet certain criteria.

Get support from a Financial Aid and Awards Advisor

Planning your undergraduate finances? Our Financial Aid and Awards Advisors can respond to your questions about financial assistance and opportunities for international students, tuition payment plans, and more.

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Financial Planning

Find paid work opportunities

As an international student, there are restrictions on the type of employment you can have with a study permit. However, we have many opportunities coordinated through the university to help you gain valuable skills and work experience, such as jobs on campus, or in your field of study through co-op placements and the work-study program.

Co-operative Education (Co-op)

Co-op is open to all international students who qualify, regardless of your program or faculty. You'll have the opportunity to develop industry-relevant skills and expand your professional network through paid co-op placements. It allows you to earn income as you work towards completing your degree, while opening up doors for your career once you graduate.

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Work-Study Program

The Work-Study Program is an opportunity for eligible SFU students to participate in research-based projects with flexible hours on campus. You'll earn a supplemental income while gaining work experience in your field of study and growing your network in the SFU community, to help prepare you for your future career.

Unpaid volunteer experience

There are many volunteer opportunities on campus throughout the year to get involved in the greater SFU community and to build meaningful connections with the people here. Gain valuable work experience in Canada for your resume or CV, doing something you care about!