International Student Experience

We've gathered resources across SFU to help set you up for success as an international university student in Canada. Learn all the different ways SFU can support you in pursuing your undergraduate degree, even before you begin your studies here. Use this information to help you prepare, adapt, and thrive in our community!


Pursuing your studies in a university abroad is an exciting prospect. Many educational and career opportunities will become possible when you arrive in Canada, but there are a number of things to first prepare before you leave your home country—we suggest you start on them early!

Topics in this this section:

You'll need a study permit to be eligible to study at SFU, and if you want to live on campus, you'll need to apply to Residence and Housing ahead of time.


We've prepared a series of programs and events to welcome new students to the SFU community and assist your transition here. They're immersive ways to learn about student life at SFU and also a lot of fun. We'll also point out where you can meet people in the community and how you can get around campus and beyond!

Find the support you need as a new SFU student through transition programs, events, and student communities.


Learn different ways to help you get acclimated to life in Canada, whether on or off campus. Looking after your health and well-being contributes to success in your studies, while learning to cope with culture shock and stay safe as you settle in a new environment is just as essential.

Topics in this section:

Prioritize your mental health and well-being and integrate them into your lifestyle to optimize your student experience at SFU.

Get support from an International Student Advisor

International Student Advisors offer non-academic advising to international students, including guidance on immigration and transition-related topics.

checkbox-btn-checked Meet with an advisor for support with applying for your study permit, visa, international student enrolment requirements, work eligibility, social insurance number, medical insurance, and more.

checkbox-btn-checked Learn about the immigration documents specific to your pathway that you’ll need to prepare before you arrive in Canada. Read some tips on applying for your document(s).

Ensure your eligibility to study, work, and stay in Canada. We have a dedicated team of International Student Advisors who come from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds to help you.

University is a significant investment of money, time, and effort, but it's one that pays off greatly for your future. Financial aid, supports, and paid work opportunities are accessible to eligible international students and can help you pay for your university education.

Learn to manage your student budget and look into financial aid options to ensure your costs of studying in Canada are covered.

University may be an entirely new experience for you and it can take time to adjust to some changes, especially in a new country. We’ve set up supports to help you succeed and get back on track whenever you encounter any challenges throughout your studies.

Seek academic support when you need it, whether it’s guidance with course enrolment and degree planning or help with achieving academic success.

International Student Experience Support

This is your one-stop place to seek support from our team for things related to your transition to university and cultural adjustment in Canada.

checkbox-btn-checked Learn to navigate on and off-campus resources for international students.

checkbox-btn-checked Gather tools and strategies to enhance your student experience at SFU.

checkbox-btn-checked Ask questions about any aspect of student life outside of class.

As an SFU student, you’ll have access to the International Student Experience Support service at any time throughout your academic journey.