Undergraduate Reactivation Form

(Graduate students: please see Returning to Studies.)

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Please reactivate my student status to enrol in classes in:

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If you did not complete all of your former programs (eg, BA in Arts and Social Sciences), we will reactivate that former program. If you wish to change to another program, the change must be approved by the appropriate Faculty or department/school.


If you have completed all your programs ie, graduated), select the Faculty you are now applying for. Your new program must be authorized by the appropriate Faculty or department/school. In the meantime, you will be placed in a non-degree program in the Faculty you have checked below.


If you anticipate that a family member, friend, or representative will be enquiring on your behalf about your application and you wish that person to have access to that information, we require your written permission before releasing any personal information.

For the period from today until the start of the term to which I am applying, I hereby consent to the release of information concerning my application for admission to:

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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information please contact Student Services at urecords@sfu.ca.