BOT Registration Restrictions

  • No more than 9 units
  • No Repeats
  • No Distance Education Courses
  • No Intersession/Summer Session
  • No MATH courses
  • No ENSC courses

Remember, all course must be approved by your BOT advisor. Students may be asked to drop all unapproved courses, and would be responsible for any fees incurred. How do you get a course approved? Email the course to your advisor!

Tips and Tricks

Can't get the classes you wanted?

If you've tried registering for your approved BOT courses, but you're not able to get into them, what should you do next?

1) Search for additional open courses. Look for a course that may help to fulfill a missing WQB requirement, or an elective course that you can take out of interest.

2) Wait for Open Enrolment. Some courses have restrictions on them that limit registraion to groups of students (e.g. Surrey campus courses for non-Surrey students; SFU NOW courses; etc.). Many of these restrictions are lifted for open enrolment (12:01am March 31st).

3) Check back frequently. Make sure you regularly check course availability. Students are often adding and dropping courses, making those classes without waitlists easy to get in if you are on the system at the right time. 

4) Contact your advisor. If you've not been successful at the above, contact your advisor for assistance. by email, on live help instant messaging, or by booking an appointment online using our online booking system. 

Are you Required to Withdraw this term?