Health Peers

Your well-being is important to us, especially during this time. We've shifted some of our efforts online so that we can still share health education tips and connect with you in a different way!

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Who are the Health Peers?

The Health Peers work with the Health Promotion team at Health & Counselling to support student health and well-being on campus through free events and workshops, and virtual outreaches like podcasts, Instagram posts, and blog posts. 

They are trained to host outreach events and share health information on topics such as:

  • Sexual health
  • Responsible partying
  • Social connectedness
  • Stress management
  • Nutrition
  • Active living
  • Healthy environments
  • Positive body image

The Health Peers operate a Discord server and share relevant health topics and info. It's also a great place to chat and learn about what's happening.

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What events are the Health Peers hosting?

What else have they been up to?

Creating podcasts and videos

The Health Peers started a podcast series named "Thriving with the Health Peers".

The latest episode is an interview with YouthCO, an organization that is working to reduce stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

Watch it on YouTube

Watch the Make-SPACE Instagram Live series to learn about taking care of your well-being. Featuring a new guest every episode!

Cook simple recipes with the Health Peers! Check out their "Snack Attack" IGTV series:

The Health Peers started a new podcast series named "The Sex Talk Your Parents Never Gave You".
The first episode is "Period Talk", which busts seven myths and reduces stigma around menstruation.

Writing blog posts

Facilitating spaces for students to connect with others

If you're looking to meet new friends, sign up for Pen Pals! You'll be placed in a group of 3-4 students on a Discord channel, moderated by the Health Peers. There will be icebreakers and check-in questions. You'll be able to suggest new channels as well!

To all students who identify with and/or have intersectional identities. The Health Peers created a Padlet with fun questions for you to answer and connect with others.

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Calling all international students! The Health Peers created a Padlet with fun questions for you to answer and connect with others.

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Contributing to various causes

They are also really active on our Instagram @sfuhcs!

Are you interested in becoming a Health Peer?

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