Course scheduling guidelines and procedures

General instructions for scheduling your courses:

  • Contact Schedules if you need to add courses a term once access has ended.
  • Please refer to the Dates and Deadlines page for important dates.
  • Please use the approved meeting patterns (PDF) for scheduling your courses.
  • Schedule the bulk of your courses early in the scheduling period.

o Unapproved scheduling policy deviations will be removed from SIMS 2.5 weeks before enrollment start date.

  • Enter your own lab/studio rooms for your specialized lab/studio courses at this time.
  • For Co-op Courses

o All co-op courses use “CO” as instruction mode.

o D100 sections should be “METRO/METRO”

o D200 as “OFFST/OFF” (Campus) or “OFFST/[location]”.

o International co-op sections should be “I100”, “OFFST/OFF (Campus)”, Associated Class: 3

  • Topic courses should only have specific topics attached to the Basic Data tab. Please contact us to add topics if they are not already listed.
  • If you are offering a directed reading, studies or research course, please make sure that you only set up one instructor with grade access for each section.
  • Check with your faculty members to see if they need on-campus or take-home final exams, and please add the due date for take-home exams.

Note: to prevent exam conflicts, take-home exams cannot be due between 08:30-11:30, 12:00-15:00, 15:30-18:30, or 19:00-22:00.

Please see the Quick References for Departmental Schedulers document at the top of this page for more information/instructions.

High Level Schedule Creation Workflow