A Short Introduction to Section Naming

Section naming is an important part of the scheduling process.  A section denotes a singular scheduling entity. The most common sections at SFU are what are called “D” sections or undergraduate day time sections.

The majority of “D” sections are set up in such a way as to have D100 as the main lecture and D101/D102 and so on as the tutorials.  Some science courses may also have labs and these can be denoted in a variety of ways such as LA01/LA02… LB01/LB02… LAB1/LAB2.

Should alternate courses be offered say at a different campus or different timing typically they would be D200 lectures and subsequently D201/D202… tutorials. This same naming convention applies to most other courses too, including evening and grad courses.

Note: from a technical standpoint all section names cannot exceed four characters.

Scheduling Online and Blended Courses (*New)


    Summary/Description - Online

Online courses – these have evolved from C100/C200 “traditional” distance courses.  These courses should be primarily asynchronous. They should have the "OLC" component.  They are denoted as OL01/OL02... 


   Summary/Description – Blended

These courses are designed to make the most of in-person and online learning.  They are denoted as B100 for the main section and B101/B102 for non-enrollment sections.  


Scheduling Terminology Section Naming


•             D = Day  (most undergraduate courses are of this type)

•             *new B = Blended ( blended courses are taught in combination of online and in-person)

•             E = Evening  (sections beginning with E run after 1630 hrs)

•             C = Distance Education (are asynchronous and are slowly being replaced by Online Courses;  final offering in spring 2023)

•             F = French (courses are taught in French)

•             G = Grad (most graduate courses begin with the G designation)

•             J = SFU NOW (nights and weekend courses)

•             *new OL = Online (OL01/OL02 etc are fully online courses)

Scheduling Terminology Components

CAP        Capstone

COP       Work Integrated Learning

EXM       Examination(s)

FLD         Field

IND        Independent Study

INS         Instruction

INT         Work - Internship

LAB        Laboratory

LEC         Lecture

OLC        Online

OPL        Laboratory - Open

PHC        Placeholder – SFU Charge


PHF        Placeholder – No SFU Charge

PRA        Work - Practicum

RQL        Laboratory - Required

RSC        Research

SEC         Section

SEM       Seminar

STD        Studio

STL         Studio Lab

THE        Thesis Research

TUT        Tutorial

WKS       Workshop