Hugo Cardoso

Department Chair; Professor


  • PhD, McMaster University, Canada


I joined the department in May 2013, after a full time professorship at the University of Porto Medical School, in Portugal. Previously I had been a researcher and curator at the National Museum of Natural History in Lisbon. I am a physical anthropologist with several years of lab and field-work experience in human skeletal biology and bioarchaeology, particularly with the juvenile skeleton. Since 2007 I have been involved in forensic anthropology case consulting, first in Portugal and recently in Canada. I have also received training in epidemiology during my postdoctoral studies and I have been involved in anthropometric history research. I earned my PhD in Anthropology from McMaster University in 2005 and I was the recipient of the CAGS-UMI (Canadian Association for Graduate Studies - University Microfilms International) distinguished dissertation award the following year. In addition to being a faculty member in the department, I am the Co-Director of the SFU Centre for Forensic Research, and head of the Juvenile Osteology – JUNO group.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Cardoso HFV, Spake L, Liversidge H. 2016. A Reappraisal of Developing Permanent Tooth Length as an Estimate of Age in Human Immature Skeletal Remains. Journal of Forensic Sciences.
  • Carneiro J, Caldas I, Afonso A, Cardoso HFV. 2016. Enough is enough? Is Demirjian's method really useful for age estimation in a forensic context? Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology 11:216–221.
  • Wilson LAB, Ives R, Cardoso HFV, Humphry L. 2015. Shape, size and maturity trajectories of the human ilium and interpopulation differences in the ontogeny of sexual dimorphism. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 156:19-34.
  • Cardoso HFV, Abrantes J, Humphrey L. 2014. Age estimation of immature human skeletal remains from the diaphyseal length of the long bones in the post-natal period. International Journal of Legal Medicine 128: 809-824.
  • Amoroso A, Garcia S, Cardoso HFV. 2014. Age at death and linear enamel hypoplasias: testing the effects of childhood stress and adult socioeconomic circumstances in premature mortality. American Journal of Human Biology 26: 461-468.
  • Pereira V, Rios L, Cardoso HFV. 2014. Chronology of fusion of the primary and secondary ossification centers in the human sacrum and age estimation in child and adolescent skeletons. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 153: 214-225.
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