Teaching Assistant and Tutor Marker Priority Policy

Priority is based on the following principles (Article XIII F.2, Collective Agreement):

  1. Teaching-related experience in her/his field of study can be of value to a graduate student both in her/his studies and in her/his preparation for a career.
  2. The provision of teaching-related employment is an element in the University’s financial support of its graduate students.

In hiring teaching assistants (TAs), priority for appointment will be given to applicants in the following order (Article XIII F.3a, Collective Agreement):

  1. Graduate students registered in the department with priority for appointment under XIII F.4 in the TSSU Collective Agreement.
  2. Graduate students registered in the department without priority under XIII F.4
  3. Graduate students registered in other departments with priority under XIII F.4
  4. Graduate students registered in other departments without priority under XIII F.4
  5. All other applicants (undergraduate or external applicants). Before undergraduate students and external applicants are offered positions, each qualified applicant in the priority categories 1-4 above must be offered at least five base units, unless the graduate student requests less.

If an assignment within a priority group requires a selection between applicants in a priority group, the following ranked criteria will apply:

  1. Incoming graduate students who, in their admission letters, have been offered TAships in their first year of enrollment;
  2. Graduate students without financial support from merit-based scholarships during the semester of appointment of at least $7000;
  3. Relevance of subject being taught to applicant’s research;
  4. Course and instructor evaluations from previous TA/TM positions held;
  5. Amount of graduate student financial support already received from the Department and/or University.

Re-employment as a Teaching Assistant or Tutor Marker (Article XIII H, Article XV H, Collective Agreement):

  1. To be considered for re-employment, graduate students must maintain satisfactory performance as a teaching assistant or tutor marker.
  2. The re-employment of teaching assistants/tutor markers will also depend upon the needs and budget resources of the University.

Amended June 2024