Tyrel Kobes


Areas of interest

Geoarchaeology, Zooarchaeology, Plains Archaeology, Archaeometry


  • MA: SFU Heritage Resource Management
  • BA: University of Lethbridge (BSc, 2015)
  • Field Archaeological Supervisor, Director of Logistics, Development and Safety, Arrow Archaeology Limited.

MA Theses in HRM: Tyrel Kobes, 2019

River Through the Dry Prairie: Heritage Resource Management and the Archaeology of the Southeastern Qu’Appelle River Valley in Saskatchewan


Dr. David Burley, Professor, Senior Supervisor
Dr. Dave Maxwell, Lecturer, Supervisor
Dr. Jon Driver, Professor, External Examiner
Dr. Ross Jamieson, Associate Professor, Chair


I have worked in the Heritage Resource Management Industry since 2013 on various projects in western Canada. In this thesis, I present a range of data recovered from one of these projects in the southeastern Qu’Appelle River Valley of Saskatchewan. Here I integrate excavation results from three sites and position these results within their geological and environmental context, the archaeological culture history for the study area, as well as documented First Nations history in the region. I expand the archaeological context for the study through examination of other sites in the vicinity, the dominant majority having been documented during other heritage impact assessment projects. My first objective for the thesis was to provide a synthesis of prehistory in the region as best as these data would allow. In this respect, I have been largely limited to the late prehistoric period where Avonlea and Old Women’s phase peoples were inhabiting the Qu’Appelle landscape. A second objective has been to assess the usefulness of the unpublished gray area literature as it might facilitate and support the production of a synthesis. This literature is limited in a variety of ways, but it provides some insight that otherwise would not be present.


Saskatchewan; Qu’Appelle River; Plains Archaeology; Heritage Resource Impact Assessment; Avonlea Phase; Old Women’s Phase.