Simon Belanger

HRM MA Student, John Welch

Areas of interest

Underwater and Maritime Archaeology, Great Lakes and Ontario Archaeology


  • BA Université de Montréal, Anthropology, 2005
  • Other Credentials: Field Director


I graduated with a BA in Anthropology from Université de Montréal in 2005. For the past six years, I have been working as a Field Director in Southern Ontario while my early career was spent excavating in Peru and Québec. In the past two years I have developed an interest in Maritime Archaeology and I hope to further my expertise and contribute to this field in the future. Ultimately, I aim to own an archaeological consulting firm with a specialty in underwater fieldwork.

Other Activities

Besides archaeology, my time is spent furthering my scuba-diving qualifications and managing my rental property.

Crew selfie, Brantford, ON, 2018
Crew selfie, Brantford, ON, 2018
Photo by Kelsea Dawn, Caledonia, ON, 2018
3D Rendering of the Cyrenian using Agisoft Photoscan, 2019