Tyler Statz

HRM MA Student, Dave Burley

Areas of interest

Western Canada, Site classifications, CRM Methodology


  • BA: University of Victoria, Anthropology, 2014


After graduating from my undergrad I moved to Calgary in 2014 and have been working seasonally ever since. I have worked on projects in BC, Alberta, and Manitoba, ranging from large scale oil and gas projects, to small forestry blocks. I’m currently in my second year working for Circle CRM Group out of Calgary.

MA Research

I intend to examine how the boundary restrictions of contract archaeology have effected how sites are recorded.

Other Activities

Though field work takes up most of my time in the summer, I try to keep time for board games and running D&D campaigns while I am home. In the winter I have been an avid traveller, though that has been put on hold for the time being.    


Consulting Reports- Alberta

2019 de Guzman, Margarita, Alexandra Burchill, Shannon Wright, Brooke Gerrard, Jennifer Gainer, Tyler Statz.

Final Report Historical Resources Impact Assessment Alberta Newsprint Company 2019-2020 Historic Resource Management Plan ASA Permit 19-072.

Consulting Reports- British Columbia

2019 MacKay, Jode, Tyler Statz.

Final Report Archaeological Impact Assessment Interfor Corporation Grand Forks/Castlegar Divisions Selkirk Natural Resource District Heritage Inspection Permit No. 2018-0165

6 British Columbia interim reports

First artifact of the season near Grand Cache, Alberta
Finding a point at an excavation near Elkwater Lake