Hua (Grace) Zhang

Research Personnel; Dongya Yang


  • BA (Jilin University)
  • MA (Jilin University)
  • PhD (Simon Fraser University)

PhD Research

Human Osteoarchaeological Research on Stress and Lifeways of Bronze Age Populations in North China.

MA Research

Evaluation of Non-metric Variation in the Crania of Ancient Northern Chinese Human Remains."



Zhang H, Merrett DC, Jing Z, Tang J, He Y, Yue H, Yue Z, Yang DY. 2016. Osteoarchaeological studies of human systemic stress of early urbanization in Late Shang at Anyang, China. PLOS One [Internet] 11:e0151854. Available from:

Zhang H, Merrett DC, Xiao X, Zhang Q, Wei D, Wang L, Ma X, Zhu H, Yang DY. 2016. A comparative study of oral health in three Late Bronze Age populations with different subsistence practices in North China. Quaternary International [Internet] 405:44–57. Available from:

Merrett DC, Zhang H, Xiao X, Zhang Q, Wei D, Wang L, Zhu H, Yang DY. 2016. Enamel hypoplasia in Northeast China: Evidence from Houtaomuga. Quaternary International [Internet] 405:11–21. Available from:


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