Megan Bassendale

June 08, 2021

Megan Bassendale is an SFU alumnus and expert in forensic human identification and emergency management.

She has worked with various agencies as a first responder to recover and identify human remains in situations of international disaster and conflict. She specializes in the development of policy and projects aimed at clarifying the fate of missing persons, including exhumation, analysis and identification of human remains. She has been instrumental in the development of humanitarian forensic action and development of preparedness plans for management of human remains after mass fatality events.

Megan holds a BA in Archaeology from SFU, an MSc in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology from University College London in England, an MA in Disaster and Emergency Management from Royal Roads University, and a Diploma in Forensic Medicine and Law from the Apothecaries of London.

Along with the full-time role of raising two children, she is the Founder and Director of Forensic Guardians International Consulting Inc., a privately-owned company providing fatality management solutions, based in Vancouver, BC.