Sarah Carr-Locke

December 13, 2021

Sarah Carr-Locke graduated with a PhD from SFU Archaeology in 2015, with a focus on Indigenous participation in museums.

She received her BA from Trent University in Native Studies and Anthropology, and her MA from the University of Northern British Columbia where she focused on Indigenous Community-Based Archaeology. Sarah is an adjunct professor in the Archaeology Department of Simon Fraser University and a Research Associate with the Aurora Research Institute.

Sarah has been working as Director of both the Northwest Territories’ museum (Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre) and the Culture and Heritage Division for the territorial government since 2014. Along with the operations of the museum and NWT archives, Sarah is responsible for the territorial government archaeology and geographic place names programs, as well as culture and arts funding. Her professional interests include: Indigenous rights over heritage management; archaeological ethics; and Indigenous representation in museums.