2019-2020 Archaeology Seminar

Spring 2020 Seminar Series

Organized by: David Burley and Christina Giovas

Date Speaker Title
Jan 9 David Burley, Department of Archaeology, SFU The Chiefly Sport of Pigeon Snaring and its Role in the Dynastic Tongan Chiefdom
Jan 16 Dongya Yang, SFU Archaeology Human Osteoarchaeology in China: Past, Present and Future
Jan 23 Adrian Bell, Department of Anthropology, University of Utah Measuring the value of motifs as group signals: A new method and study from the Kingdom of Tong
Jan 30 Ed Carrier and Dale Croes: Suquamish Tribe, Washington State; Department of Anthropology, Washington State University Generationally-linked archaeology: Experimental Archaeology on the Northwest Coast of North America
Feb 6 Farid Rahemtulla, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Northern British Columbia Smokehouse Island: An Update on the Babine Archaeology Project
Feb 13 Paul Szpak, Department of Anthropology, Trent University Isotopic Explorations of Holocene through Anthropocene Arctic Ecosystem
Feb 27 Katerina Harvati, Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Paleoecology, Paläoanthropologie, University of Tübingen The role of South-East Europe in human evolution: new results from the field and the lab
Mar 5 Rolf Mathewes, Department of Biological Sciences, SFU Charcoal as proxy evidence for early human occupation at the Kilgii Gwaay site, southern Haida Gwaii
Mar 12 Barbara Winter, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography; Bob Muir, Department of Archaeology, SFU Pentlatch pebbles and the 2019 field school


Fall 2019 Seminar Series

Date Speaker Title
Thu Sep 12, 3:30 pm Logan Born, Department of Computer Science, SFU Computer-assisted decipherment of ancient Near Eastern scripts: topic modeling and sign clustering in proto-Elamite
  Aurora Camano, Department of Archaeology, SFU Byzantine Numismatics and Sigillography at Dumbarton Oaks
  Ailidh Hathway, Department of Archaeology, SFU Wondering what I was doing at Wonderwerk?
  Walter Homewood, Department of Archaeology, SFU TBD
  Kristin Kokkov, Department of Archaeology, SFU Archaeological Interpretation as Iterative Process
  Robin Woodward, Department of Archaeology, SFU Adventures of an Arctic Archaeologist
  Dennis Sandgathe, Department of Archaeology, SFU Microstratigraphic Excavation of Pech IV Layer 8
Thu Sep 19, 3:30 pm Dr. Suzanne Pilaar Birch, Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia Zooarchaeological stable isotope datasets for Neolithic Anatolia: a regional synthesis
Thu Oct 3, 3:30 pm Hannah Herrick, Department of Archaeology, SFU ‘Talkative Tree-Rings’ at San Xavier Mission
Thu Oct 10, 3:30 pm Rudy Reimer, SFU Archaeology and First Nations Studies The Indigenous cultural significance of volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest
Thu Oct 17, 3:30 pm Dennis Sandgathe, SFU Archaeology Microstratigraphic Excavation of Pech IV Layer 8
Thu Oct 24, 3:30 pm Wendy Wickwire, History and Environmental Studies,University of Victoria Ethnography as Political Advocacy: The Life and Legacy of James Teit, 1864-1922
Thu Oct 31, 3:30 pm Kimberly Plomp, Dept of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology at the University of Liverpool TBD
Thu Nov 7, 3:30 pm Tom Royle, SFU Archaeology Ontario Iroquoian Fisheries Management: The View from Ancient DNA
Thu Nov 14, 3:30 pm Hartley Odwak, Sources Archaeological & Heritage Research The 2018-19 Boundary Bay Road Wet Site Excavations - Findings and Preliminary Results
Thu Nov 21, 3:30 pm Virginia Butler, Department of Anthropology, Portland State University Exploring Human Ecodynamics of Northwest Coast Socio-Ecological Systems using Archaeo-Faunal Records from Coastal Washington State
Thu Nov 28, 3:30 pm Nick Hedley, Department of Geography, SFU Adventures in Three Dimensions