2021-2022 Archaeology Seminar Series

Archaeology Fall 2021 Seminar

Brought to you by Elena Sierra, Lauren Clark, and Dr. Jon Driver

Date Speaker Title
Thu September 16
Peter R. Schmidt, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and African Studies at the University of Florida Heritage and Archaeological Co-Practice with the Haya People: Ending the Dominance of Western Archaeological Theory 
Thu September 23
Genevieve von Petzinger Signs, Symbols and the Paleolithic Origins of Graphic Communication
Fri October 1
Marina Elliott Homo naledi and the Rising Star Cave
Thu October 7
Ian Randall
Thu October 14
Gordon Myers & Arthur Robson, SFU Economics
Infanticide and Human Self Domestication
Thu October 21
Jennifer Austen, Postdoctoral Fellow at SFU Archaeology Exploring Aetiology in Bioarchaeology: A careful consideration of the challenges in palaeopathology through the example of cribrous lesions
Fri October 29
Lauren Schroeder, Assistant Professor at U of T Exploring evolutionary process in human evolution: lessons from quantitative genetics and mammal models
Fri November 5
Ammie Kalan, Assistant Professor, UVic
Chimpanzee Behavioural Flexibility: A Pan African Perspective
Thu November 11
No Seminar, Remembrance Day
Thu November 18
Jonathan Dombrosky, Post-doc at Crow Canyon
Individuals form Isotopes: Can Stable Isotopes Distinguish the Skeletal Remains of Individual Cooper's Hawks (Accipiter cooperii)
Thu November 25
Shauna Huculak, City of Vancouver Archaeologist
Archaeological Practice in an Urban Municipal Setting
Thu December 2
Marc Stevenson
Reconciliation! Really?
Thu December 9
Andrew Martindale, Aviva Rathbone, Eric Simons, and Alison Wylie Listening to Ancestors: Ground-Penetrating Radar in Residential School Landscapes


Archaeology Spring 2022 Seminar

Brought to you by Dr. Jon Driver

Date Speaker Title
Thu, January 13
3:30 pm
Adam Rorabaugh, SFU
A Social Network Analysis of Traditional Labrets and Horizontal Relationships in the Salish Sea Region
Thu, January 20
3:30 pm
Natalie Munro, U Connecticut
The Late Natufian (11,500-13,000 cal BP) fauna from Nahal Ein Gev II and the emergence of agriculture in the Jordan Valley
Thu, January 27
3:30 pm
Christyann Darwent, UC Davis
The Inglefield Land Archaeology Project in Northwestern Greenland
Thu, February 3
3:30 pm
John Speth, U Michigan A Slow-Burning Crisis in Paleolithic and Paleoindian Studies:
Too Much Testing and Too Little Thinking About Underlying Assumptions
Thu, February 10
3:30 pm
Lauriane Bourgeon
A zooarchaeological and radiometric approach to understand the place of Bluefish Caves in the debate regarding the first people of the Americas
Thu, February 17
3:30 pm
Bryn Letham, SFU Deep-time Indigenous History and Landscape Change on the Outer Northwest Coast of North America
Thu, February 24 NO SEMINAR, Reading Break
Thu, March 3
3:30 pm
Scott Ortman, U of Colorado
Partnership Archaeology at K’uuyemugeh
Thu, March 10
3:30 pm
Ian Kuijt, Notre Dame
Neolithic proto-urbanism?: Reconsidering human demography and population pressure in the world’s first villages
Fri, March 18
10:00 am
Christopher Knusel, Bordeaux Çatalhöyük (7100-5950 cal BC): Social Violence and Early Vestiges of Social Inequality in the Western Asian Neolithic?
Thu, March 24
3:30 pm
Jon Driver, SFU Archaeological context and Paleoindian memory
Thu, March 31 NO SEMINAR
Thu, April 7
3:30 pm
Maria Nieves Zedeño and Francois Lanoe, U of Arizona
The Materiality of Collective Action in the Plains Archaic