Special Event

2020 Photo Contest

November 23, 2020

ARE YOU READY to figure out the self-timer on your phone camera, and create a tripod out of all those books you’ve been reading? Are you doing any archaeology-themed art or crafts this summer, or working on research at home? Are you defending your thesis online?

We want to know what this summer of archaeology looks like for you!

We’re accepting memories of past field or lab work, images of you working hard on your coursework or defending your thesis, and photos of any art or crafts you are working on this summer – all with an archaeology theme.

Submit your photos to archgrad@sfu.ca by September 15, 2020 (if you graduate over the summer, that’s cool, we’ll still take your photos).

1st prize - $200
2nd prize - $100
3rd prize - $50

  • Photos must be taken by you (declaration required from you and any models)
  • Must be willing to share your rights to the photo
  • Maximum 4 photos per entry
  • Caption required for each photo – location, description, be creative!
  • Open to undergrad and grad students, faculty and staff in the SFU Department of Archaeology
1st prize, Keagan Edwards, “Colossus of Constantine”; Capitoline Museums, Rome, Italy; Pompeii Field School, Summer 2019
2nd prize, Kym Jones, Digging for fish: This is a composite toggling harpoon that I came across during fieldwork last summer and is one of my most excitng finds yet because it was in situ and surrounded by fish bones!
3rd prize, Kate Li, Display of “Indian sinker stones and anchors” at Old Hastings Mill store Museum