Special Event

June 2022 Convocation

June 10, 2022

Go Archaeology!

We would like to congratulate all our students who completed their programs in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.

Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Chelsea Meloche

Master OF ARTS

Camille Owens (HRM MA)

Sage Vanier (MA)

BACHELOR OF ARTS: Majors, Certificates, and Minors

Mary Abad
Katy Au
Jonathan Brignall
Harpreet Kaur Chohan
Keagan Edwards
Benjamin Glassco
Shengzhi Gong

Johanna Kachkar
Sevgi Kuruoglu
Yanting Li
Zezheng Ming
Holly O'Neil
Yiwei Qin


Caiyi Song
Sabrina Swindells
Gerard Tarnowski
Charlotte Taylor-Baer
Genevieve Wick
Chenhe Yang

And a special congratulations to our very own Graduate Program Assistant, Kristina Pohl, who received her Masters in Education!