Special Event

May 2022 Convocation

May 06, 2022

We would like to congratulate all our students who graduated in 2020 and 2021!

We know that it was difficult for many of you to finish your program without the celebratory walk across the stage in SFU's Convocation Mall, and it was wonderful to see those who could make it back for the celebrations yesterday. The only thing that could have been better was the weather...

Go Archaeology!

Doctor of Philosophy

Dr Erin Hogg

Dr Luisa Marinho

Dr Tom Royle, Recipient of the Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal

Dr Laure Spake, Recipient of the Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal

Dr Lia Tarle

Master OF ARTS

Jon Harding

Joshua Fontaine

Ailidh Hathway

Walter Homewood

Andrew Latimer

Teresa Matheson

Jodie MacMillan

Vanessa McKillop

Christian Meier

Derek O'Neill

Neal Payne

Mike Pitul

Sophie Rabinow

Rob Rondeau

Amalea Ruffett

Earl Stefanyshen

Sarah Smith

Breanne Taylor

Alessandria Testani

Matthea Wiebe

Brock Wiederick

BACHELOR OF ARTS: Majors, Certificates, and Minors

Ina Albrecht
Thomas Andrews
Lyla Asmat
Drew Barrett
Megan Benoit
Hana Beronja
Brynn Bishop
Edelane Caoili
Kaitlyn Christensen
Philipp Ciossek
Rachel Craft
Ashley De Cosse
Victoria DeHart
Alexandra Derian
Jasmine Dong
William Dunsmore
William Fang
Taylor Ferguson
Kimberly Figura
Megan Fisher
Chantelle Foster
Cheryl Fowle
Esme Fysh

Spencer Goodwin
Noah Guthrie
John Hedlund
Elisa Hemmati
Sherry Lynn Hillier
Kevin Hong
Wei Huang
Yating Huang
Tanner Humphreys
Kimberley Jones
Alicia Keleher
Carmen Kors
Joanne Kwan
Sophie Lachapelle-Chisholm
Allison Lanigan
Evangeline Lapalme
Jessie Lees
Jan Philippe Maonio
Christopher Martineau
James May
Tria Medrano
Sara Merrion
Margarita Mohring

Macleod Duncan Napier
Mei Okubo
Kristin Oliver
Abby Paddle
Maegan Partridge
Jonathan Rempel
Averie Romas
Kelsi Schmidt
Jessica Siemens
Deanna Smith
Stefani Spirkovska
Shuntaro Sumita
Antoine Vallejo
Grace Wang
Laura Watson
Saralina Wehbi
Cathi-Lee Williams
Sarah Woyken
Jean Yaneza
Jaime Yee
John Yeung
Xizi Zhao