Muslim Feminism

May 20, 2020

During the month of Ramadan, the CCMS and Open City events offers members of the Muslim community the opportunity to connect online.

About this event

SFU's Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies and Open City Events offer members of the Muslim community the opportunity to connect with one another over shared interests during the month of Ramadan.


Few topics cause as much contention as the intersections of Muslim thinking/practice and feminism. Much of contemporary mainstream white feminism has historically tended to hold suspicion, even outright antagonism, toward Islam and Muslims. Muslims striving for gender justice have chosen to engage feminism in different ways, from claiming the term, redefining it within an Islamic framework, engaging in it with greater nuance or avoiding it altogether. Some have argued that being a Muslim feminist is essential to being a justice-seeking Muslim. How can feminism serve the cause of gender justice for Muslims? How can Muslim feminism impact broader feminist movements? How can it respond to Islamophobia generated by feminism? And how can Muslim feminism impact Muslim thought on other issues?