The Middle East and Islamic History Concentration at SFU

The SFU History Department offers students the opportunity to enroll in a Middle East Concentration to enhance their degree.

Undergraduate students majoring in history at SFU may qualify for this concentration by completing two lower-level and four upper-level courses in Middle East and/or Islamic history.


  • HIST 151-3: The Modern Middle East: An introductory survey of the changing societies of the Middle East since 1800.
  • HIST 249-3: The Origins of Islam and the Emergence of Islamic Civilization: A broad survey of the development of classical Islamic civilization.
  • HIST 252-3: Islamic India: A survey of the cultural patterns, social and political forces, and historical contexts that have shaped the Islamic period of Indian history.


  • HIST 350-4: The Ottoman Empire and Turkey: A study of Ottoman society and the impact of Ottoman rule in the Middle East.
  • HIST 352-4: Religion and Politics in Modern Iran: The Intellectual and social history of greater Iran from the Safavids to the 20th century.
  • HIST 354-4: Imperialism and Modernity in the Middle East: The role of imperialism in the transformation of the Middle East and North Africa.
  • HIST 355-4: The Arab Middle East in the Twentieth Century: An examination of this century's major themes in the history of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other states of the Arab peninsula.
  • HIST 456-4: Late Ottoman State: State, Culture and Social Transformation, 1750-1923: The history of the Ottoman Empire from the mid 18th Century to its demise in the aftermath of WW1.
  • HIST-457: Turkish Republic: Politics, Society and Culture: The political, social and cultural transformation in Turkey from the end of WWI to the present.
  • HIST 465-4: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A discussion of the modern history of nation-building in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • HIST 467-4: Modern Egypt: An interpretive discussion of the course of modern Egyptian history.
  • HIST 469-4: Islamic Social and Intellectual History: An advanced analysis of specific problems in Islamic social and intellectual history.

Studies in History courses (HIST 390, 391, 485, and 486) may also be considered when the topic is relevant.

Students interested in this concentration should see the History Undergraduate Advisor, Tessa Wright (, or visit the SFU History Department webpage.