Zafar Adeel

Professor of Professional Practice, School of Sustainable Energy Engineering

Water security, international and sustainable development

Daniel Ahadi

Senior Lecturer, School of Communication

Development of self and identity within the context of media, migration, globalization, and formation of transnational diasporas.

Yildiz Atasoy

Professor, Sociology

Development studies; gender relations; Islamic politics; Turkey, Middle East.

Darren Byler

Assistant Professor, School for International Studies

Anthropology, Forced migration, Gender, Labour, Political economy, Religion and politics, Security studies and Science, Technology and Society Studies

Hugo Cardoso

Department Chair & Professor, Department of Archaeology

Bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology; child health in medieval Portugal; the bioarchaeology of Muslim Portugal.

Luke Clossey

Associate Professor, History

Comparative world history of religions; early modern China, Mexico, Mughals.

Catherine D'Andrea

Professor, Faculty of Environment

Early agricultural peoples and the rise of complex societies in the Horn of Africa.

Merih Erol

Associate Professor, History

Religion and ethnicities in the Ottoman Empire; music and identity; forced migration; humanitarianism in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Aude-Claire Fourot

Associate Professor, Political Science

Immigration and integration; multiculturalism; Islam in Europe and Canada; religion and public sphere; urban policy.

Adel Iskandar

Associate Professor, School of Communication

Social media, communications, modern Middle East, post colonialism.

Thomas Kuehn

Associate Professor, History

Social and cultural history of the Ottoman empire and Turkey.

Laura Marks

Dena Wosk Professor in Art and Culture Studies

Cinema in the Arab world; Islamic genealogy of new media art.

Tamir Moustafa

Professor and Stephen Jarislowsky Chair, School for International Studies

Law and society; religion and politics; politics of the Middle East.

Paul Sedra

Associate Professor, History

Modern Middle East; education and the rise of the modern state; Egyptian cinema.

Ken Seigneurie

Professor, Department of World Languages and Literatures

Modern Arabic, French and British fiction, literary theory and the history of humanist thought.

Ozlem Sensoy

Professor, Faculty of Education

Constructions of Muslims in North America through education and media.


Nazanin Shahrokni

Associate Professor, International Studies

Feminist Geography, Gender Politics, Ethnographies of the State, Body Politics.

Spyros Sofos

Assistant Professor, Global Humanities

Turkish politics and society; contentious politics, nationalism, populism, and Islamism in the Middle East; Islam and Muslim communities, identities and politics in Europe and North America.

Tammara Soma

Assistant Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management

food system planning, community-based research, waste management and the circular economy.

Eric Werker

William Saywell Professor, Beedie School of Business

How countries can build more thriving and inclusive private sectors and how external actors influence economic and political outcomes.

Azadeh Yamini-Hamedani

Associate Professor & Chair, World Languages and Literatures

Interconnections of literature and philosophy, emphasis on the semiotics of translation.

Professors Emeritus

Robert Anderson

Professor Emeritus, Communication

International development and communication; South Asia, Indonesia.

Derryl MacLean

Associate Professor, History;

History of religion; Islamics; early modern South and Central Asia; Islam in the West.


Lennart Berggren

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics

History of mathematical sciences in ancient Greece and medieval Islam.

Habiba Zaman

Professor, Gender, Sexualituy and Women's Studies

Women and development; globalization and women's work; Bangladesh.

Parin Dossa

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Migration, gender and health; Muslim women; Iranians in the diaspora.